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When does your stomach start getting big when your pregnant more

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You may feel like you are showing much sooner than you actually are. Your stomach may look a little bigger early in your MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-your-stomach-start-getting-big-when-your-pregnant-more ]
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When does your stomach start getting big from pregnancy?
Question in topics Womens Health .We found some answers as below for this question "When does your stomach start getting big from pregnancy",you can compare them.
Does your stomach start getting bigger during pregnancy?
It sure does appear that way while your uterus is getting stretched by the baby growing inside! ChaCha!
What's the earliest you start to feel your stomach get bigger aft...?
at about 12 weeks a had slight bump, that only i noticed. if its your first pregnancy you shouldnt show until between 15-16 weeks. if its your 2nd pregnancy you can show as early as 9 weeks

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At what month does the stomach start feeling hard from being pregnant?
Q: I personally can't remember when mine started to feel more firm from my pregnancy. Now, I feel like I may be pregnant, all tests have been negative but the stomach feels to be getting bigger and a bit firmer. I'm so confused. I keep having periods but feel sick when I eat and just that feeling of being pregnant. But again, no positive tests. So I don't know, what month does your stomach feel a bit more firm?
A: At 3 months a woman should start feeling a difference in her stomach in terms of it getting bigger.5-6 months you show.and of course, 9+ months you have the baby. =)
When did You start showing?
Q: im only 6 MAYBE 7 weeks and a few days before i found out i was pregnant i was bloated......alot of people that knoe me say my stomachs starting to look biggeris this bloating or what? cuz i knoe the baby is really really small.. unless im just putting on weight for the baby..is that it? i have noticed that i am eating more..when did you start to show?andwhen did you notice your appetite to be getting bigger?
A: Your appetite can increase immediately @ 4-6 weeks along or you could go the other way & have morning sickness the entire first trimester but either way you really don't start showing until the second trimester but what you might be feeling is like a little knot like feeling in your stomach already. One that even sucking in won't get ride of, that's your womb in which the baby is in. That can make you feel as if your showing. Congrats!! & Enjoy!! =)
What does it feel like when stomach starts growing in beginning of pregnancy?
Q: is it low or high?can you suck in?can you harden your abs?does it get bigger as the day goes on and you eat or is it big when you wake up?i dont think im pregnant cause ive had all negative tests and periods for the past 3 1/2 months. id be 13 weeks now and ive actually lost 5 pounds from dieting and only have a little pudge bellow the belly buttonwould i have gaied more weight nad looked bigger by now?
A: It would be a little pudge below the belly button. Not everyone shows that early. I had a friend that was pregnant the same time I was (had her boy 3 days before I had mine) and her pregnancy tests showed up negative. Mine kept showing positive and we told her that she wasn't pregnant. She assured us that she knew she was (She has 3 kids) and went to the doctor and she was.If you're still concerned that you could be I'd go to the gyn doc and have a pelvic exam. They'll be able to tell immediately if your uterus is tilted!

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