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When does your stomach shows during pregnancy

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Size and body type will influence how fast a pregnant woman will show but typically between 18-20 weeks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-your-stomach-shows-during-pregnancy ]
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When does the stomach start to show during pregnancy?
By about 14 to 16 weeks of the pregnancy, your belly will slightly protrude.
Does anyone have any good websites that show how your stomach cha...?
YES! www.3dpregnancy.com This site will tell you everything that should be happening with you and your body as well as the baby and it's growth and each little thing that changes with the little one throughout the pregnancy! It is a great t...
Does your stomach show at all during the 3rd and 4th month of pre...?
Yes, for a lot of people it does, but for a lot of other people it doesn't

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When is it not ok to lay on your stomach during pregnancy?
Q: I am 18 weeks pregnant and like to lay on my stomach. I am starting to show now, and I am feeling the baby move, so I am worried that laying on my stomach is hurtfull to the baby? Any advice on this? Or do you know if there is a timeline on when you should stop laying on your stomach?
A: It is perfectly safe to lay on your stomach as long as if comfortable. Soon it really will be uncomfortable so you may want to experienment with new ways to sleep. But as long as you are comfortable there is no danger to your child at all. They are very safe in there, especially in the first two trimesters.
when does your belly begin to bulge if you are pregnant?
Q: my girlfriend is experiencing cramping and bloating 2 days after her period. Is this uncommon? She had a light/abnormal period, it wasn't spotting but it was light, and a little abnormal. It lasted six days which is only a little less then normal for her. If she's bloating now, that leads me to ask, when during pregnancy do you start to show it? Like, when does your stomach start bulging?
A: two days after her period she wouldn't be pregnant. my stomach started showing noticeably at 10 weeks.
Is it normal to have stomach pain during pregnancy?
Q: So by now im 6 weeks pregnant, and im having stomach pain, like if i eat something bad or gas feeling. I don't get it constant, however i do get it like every now and then, i don't know if i should get worry, so far i haven't had any bleeding or what so ever. I have a few more questions:Also is it normal not to have any cravings?Is it normal to lose appetite too?I'm a little bit big, thick, when will my belly start showing?Can anyone help me out, and tell me about your experiences, while pregnant.Thank you
A: Appetite loss is normal. It may return, or it may not. But when I lost my appetite for a few weeks, i suddenly woke up and realized that I was starving!!!Stomach pains are expected throughout the whole of your pregnancy There may be a week or two where you don't feel any pain, but then suddenly the other weeks are painful. If there is no blood then you don't really have anything to worry about. The pain is caused by the uterus stretching and your baby may be changing positions etc, but when you think about it, your stomach has to make room for your baby so it's only normal for your stomach to be quiet painful and stretch.No one can tell you when you will start showing. But in the end you will have a beautiful baby to show for. Not everyone experiences cravings either. I'm only craving ice and chocolate right now. But everyone is different. Enjoy and all the best.

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