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When do you start spotting if you're pregnant

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Implantation bleeding (light spotting) would occur a few days before the expected period, or 10-14 days after fertilization. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-you-start-spotting-if-you%27re-pregnant ]
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Is it possible you're pregnant if you started spotting the day af...?
This depends on how you read the question...if you have just had sex once, then no, not pregnant...however, you can be pregnant and spot after sex early in pregnancy due to increased bloodflow. I spotted frequently after sex early on in pre...

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when do you usually start spotting?
Q: my period is a couple days late, but I do have mild cramps...normally they're alot stronger than this..I'm having mild ones that last for a short bit of time and then go. Then I had very very little spotting today. On my period I never spot, its just there. The spotting I had today was the tiniest bit... is that normal if you're pregnant? just a tiny bit of spotting? and also when would be the time to expect it? around the time your period would be due?(obviously I mean if you're pregnant)
A: Spotting can occur at any point within a week or so of your due cycle. If you are late and you are spotting just a bit now - you should take a pregnancy test, especially since you are a couple of days late. Spotting in early pregnancy could be a sign of implantation - and some women will experience this.Take a test!!
Is it common to have a period when you're pregnant?
Q: I haven't taken a test or anything, so I don't know for sure if I am pregnant.But I was 25-27 days late on my period,Had really sore breasts, weight gain, morning sickness, etc. and started spotting yesterday,then today I had started my period.Could I still be pregnant?Do I need to take a test?or is this a pretty good sign I'm just not pregnant?
A: Yes you could still be pregnant i was like that with my second child waited to take a test from the store abd it was postive.
What are symptoms of pregnancy while on the pill?
Q: When you're on the pill, if you're pregnant, do you start spotting alot?
A: Not really. You are more likley to start spotting when on the pill if you are NOT pregnant. Spotting between periods (sometimes called "breakthrough bleeding") whilst on the pill is very common.If you are wondering whether you mat be pregnant, see a doctor or take a home test to give you a better idea - then all the speculating will be over in a few minutes.

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