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When am I more likely to get pregnant, before during or after my period

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Every woman ovulates at a different time each month. You can only get pregnant shortly before and during ovulation. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-am-i-more-likely-to-get-pregnant%2C-before-during-or-after-my-period ]
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When are you most likely to get pregnant? before, during or after...?
Most women ovulate 12 days after the start of their last period and the egg can be fertilized in the following 2 days. But, sperm can survive for 5-7 days so for example if you ovulate on the 5th and you had sex on the 1st then the sperm ca...

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My husband and I have decided to try to have a baby. When during the month am i more likely to get pregnant?
Q: I don't want to get to technical with it all with ovulation test and things. But is there a time I am more likely to get pregnant? Before period? After period? Or can you become pregnant anytime of the month?
A: Most women ovulate about 14 days (12-16 days in the vast majority of cases) before their NEXT period. (Which is only '14 days after your period if you have perfect 28 day cycles.)Sperm can live about 5 days; the egg lives about 24 hours. So for the best chance of pregnancy, try to have sex a couple of times in the 3-5 days leading up to ovulation.
Am I or Aint I, and When is it more likely?
Q: Ok, so like when is the best time to get pregnant? Can you get pregnant if you have sex while being on your period? I have had sex 1-3 days before my period and up to 1-7 days after my period, and still I am having periods? When is the time more likely to get pregnant? Also, my period this month was light, and then on day 4 or 5 there was a heavy clot that looked like jelly, could that have been a miscarriage? My boyfriend doesn’t want a baby and he wants me to have an abortion if I do get pregnant, and he is putting me through so much stress right now, because we both think I may be pregnant. He doesn’t want to be a father, because he wants every girl in town. I don’t understand, why he can’t be happy with ONE PERSON. I did take a test and it showed positive before this month, and this last period scared me so much, and so I am asking can you pregnant if you have sex while on your period? When would be the best time to get pregnant? How can I relax during sex, knowing he wa
A: the prime time for getting pregnant is appx. 2 weeks after your period starts. your wierd period may or may not have been a miscarriage, sometimes tests show up positive because they are so sensitive now (you should look up chemical pregnancy online) you can relax during sex if you are being careful. Are you on the pill? Do you want to get pregnant? I am a sucessful working mom, but my two sons have different dads, and I am pregnant now. Trust me, you don't want that! It breaks my heart when they miss their dads, even though my boyfriend is good to them. Your boyfriend is not ready to be a dad! Good luck.
Depo Provera problems, during and after, now am I pregnant?
Q: I have been on continuous birth control since January 2007 for control of cramps from endometriosis. My doctor put me on LoEstrin24Fe, and I simply skipped the placebo pills and started the new pack each month. It was supposed to stop my bleeding all together, and some bleeding would be normal the first few months while my body adjusted. After an entire year of having bleeding off and on every week, my doctor still said this was "normal." I switched doctors in Jan.2008 knowing it wasn’t. My new doctor said that the low hormone dosage of the pill I was taking could have caused the irregular bleeding, and it just wasn’t enough for my body. She recommended the Depo Provera shot which would be "consistent dosages of hormones" for three months. WELL...I loved the shot the first few months, and didn’t have hardly any bleeding after the first two shots (over a 5 month period)! After the third shot, however, I had some bleeding off and on, but usually not until about 3 weeks before my next shot was due. I decided to stay on it, and got my shot on December 19, 2008. The bleeding stopped for a couple weeks after the shot, but then over the last few months I bled non-stop! I could handle the bleeding, although my fiance was getting a little irritated :-/, but I also began have terrible sores on my face. Not pimples, but almost like burns. I ultimately decided not to get my next shot that was due March 13th, and instead made an appointment with my doctor for March 19th to come to a decision about what to do next. Unfortunately, when I had called to find out when my next shot was due, the girl in the office gave me the wrong date, telling me I wasnt due until the end of march. Thinking I was covered, I had unprotected sex several times after March 13(when my shot was actually due). At my appointment on the 19th, the doctor did a pregnancy test, which came up negative, as I assumed it would since 6 days wouldnt be enough time to test positive. Not sure if I believe her, but she said that Depo stays in your system for weeks after your shot is technically "due," and that it was almost impossible I could be pregnant. I didnt think much of it since about an hour after walking out of her office I got the first cramps I had had in two years, and then the bleeding of an actual period. I took it as a sign that I was not pregnant, and the bleeding ended about a week later. Because my doctor said it would probably take 6-8 months to have an actual cycle again, I’m worried that the Depo may have been out of my system too early since I was already having bleeding and some cramps before my doctor apt. I havent had a second period yet, but based on what is considered a "normal" cycle calculating from the last day of the last one, it should be around April 20th-ish, give or take a few days. Does anyone know if it is possible it "ran out" too soon, or sooner than expected? Has anyone gotten pregnant after missing a shot by a few days or a week?Sorry for my life story, but one more thing. I have had unprotected sex a few times in the last few weeks since the bleeding ended from my last period. I am fully aware that it is POSSIBLE to get pregnant almost ANY time you have sex, and very likely if you don’t use protection. In the last week or so, I have felt very nauseated and tired. Sometimes I cannot eat enough, and then others I can’t stand to think about food.f food. Over the last week, my breasts have swollen to the point where I cannot wear ANY of my bras, and they feel really heavy, sore, and sensitive to any touch, almost like a bruised achy feeling. I know these are all symptoms of pregnancy, but I have also heard of Depo having the same effects when coming off of it, except those people have not had a period in weeks or months since their shot was last due. It hasn’t been long enough to take a pregnancy test since the last time I had sex, but how am I supposed to know when “the first day of my missed period” is if I don’t even know if I have an actual cycle back yet? Thanks for taking the time to read! ...I’m just tired of doctors not giving me a straightforward answer!!
A: I think it's just from coming off of the depo shot, because I've had sore boobs on it as well. I took the pregnancy test twice and both times it was negative.

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