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What would your stomach feel like when your pregnant

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It is very common to feel nauseas while pregnant and to have morning sickness. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-your-stomach-feel-like-when-your-pregnant ]
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What does a pregnant stomach feel like?
Depending on how far along someone is in pregnancy it is usually hard. As the pregnancy progresses you can feel where the baby is actually laying because it is firmer in that area.
I Got A Weird Feeling In My Stomach...like Sumthin Is Movin In Th...?
Well if you have never ever had sex, and you have all these symptoms you may have gas. You c an feel gas move in-the tummy and it will cause bloating and pain
What does your stomach feel like when your pregnant?
Well I didn't notice any difference until about 5 months, that's when I started to grow. When you feel your tummy it feels hard, no squishiness at all. Inside the only thing I felt at that time was the little movements from the baby. Now I'...

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what would you feel when you push down your lower stomach when pregnant?
Q: ........at 2 months and do you have a little pain in your upper stomach also when i was laying down i felt gas bubbles in my stomach and it felt like it was going down my lower stomach and back. is that normal.about pushing the stomach i mean will it hurt or how will it feel.plaz no rude answers. thanxs :)
A: I wouldn't know considering I didn't push on my stomach while I was pregnant and you probably shouldn't either...Actually just thinking of pushing a pregnant stomach in gives me the chills...When you feel your baby moving it feels like little gas bubbles but since you're only 2 months...its possible but highly unlikely to feel your baby moving already...I didn't feel my baby's until the 16th week.
What does your stomach feel like when you are preggo if you were chubby before?
Q: I think that I may be pregnant. I have gained 10 pounds and for the past two and a half years I havent gotten more than 2 punds below or above my old weight of 173. I am a little chubby and was wondering if anyone who has been in my situation would be able to tell me. Would my tummy feel hard? Would it still be smushy? Would I be able to suck it in? Help!! thanks in advance.
A: If you are chubby you wont feel anything un till about 22 weeks.
What does your stomach feel like at 2 months pregnant?
Q: You don't get a tiny belly until later right?I don't have the money right now to see a doctor or to even get a pregnancy test until a few weeks from now..If I am pregnant it'd be around 1 1/2 to 2 months. Would I be able to tell? When I lay down and rub on my lower stomache I feel squishy stuff and it's more tender and it just feels like a bunch of mush and nerves or something. And it's not my fat it just feels weird and different. Is it too early to tell and do you think I am over-exaggerating?
A: There's no noticeable difference as your uterus is still tucked inside your pelvis at 2 months pregnant. It won't start rising up out of the uterus till around 10-12 weeks.

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