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What should i do my girlfriend is pregnent not from me

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If your girlfriend got pregnant from another guy than you should talk with her about it and decided if you can trust her again and forgive her. If you can not then you need to leave her. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-my-girlfriend-is-pregnent-not-from-me ]
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Is my girlfriend pregnant or not?
A suggestion . . . . Provoke a period when you are due, it can even work if you are a bit late. You can do this by using Vitamin C. Take 6-12 grams of ascorbic acid - vitamin C a day for 5-10 days. Specifically ascorbic acid. Do not use vit...
Is my girlfriend sounding like she is pregnant or not??
it is unlikely that your girlfriend is pregnant, especially if her periods are usually irregular, although there is a small chance as you put the condom on, both ways (next time use a new one!) but don't worry, the best thing to do is ask y...
What if your pregnant ex girlfriend will not let you attend your ...?
Nothing. Maybe it's not even YOUR unborn baby.

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My girlfriend is pregnent and now i came to know that she lied to me about her past, what should i do...?
Q: She already betrayed me once in our four month relationship, whe she kissed a guy when she was away from me, i gave her one more chance because i loved her.Now i came to know that she is pregnent and before etting married i asked her weather she lied to me in any way. She told me that she had apart from one person i knoe about she fooled around with many and she sept with two more just because she was young and immature. I already know about one guy she was with for past two years, but now aftr knowing all about her past and that she lied its difficult for me to accept her..She told me she was afraid that i will walk away, after knowing how wild and bad her past was, since i was a virgin. But now i feel betrayed and feel like she cheated on me.She is not ready for abortion and told me to be with her or walk away, but she will never go for abortion waht should i do, should i marry her or walk away. I feel betrayed if i stay with her, but if i walk away i feel bad..
A: It's a tough situation. If she doesn't want an abortion, you need to respect that. I wouldn't do that either. However, I don't think you should marry her. If she has already cheated on you and hurt you in just four months, why would she be loyal for a lifetime? Also, you need to step up and be a man for the baby's sake. Be in your child's life and do your part to take care of him/her. That's another reason not to marry the girl. The relationship probably would be a disaster and it's not fair to bring an innocent child into that kind of environment. I know it's tough to hear...hope it helps.
What should I do about my girlfriend? I love her but she doesn't love me?
Q: I have been dating this girl since a couple weeks before Halloween. So about 7 months. I am 25 and will be 26 in July, she is 31 and will be 32 in July.She is the best woman I have ever dated. She is very beautiful, funny, and very easy going. I am a very hyper guy. I get worked up very easily but she always relaxes me and makes me feel better. We have a lot of fun together. I am a HUGE sports lover and she is also. I have really gotten her into basketball and we went to almost every game for our local NBA team. She is as passionate about sports as I am. We enjoy the same movies and music.We have always been able to talk to each other, our past relationships, etc. She had a couple of secrets about her life that she held back from me for the first 3 months we were dating. She was scared that when I found out about them I wouldn't want to deal with them and I would break-up with her. She finally told me around Christmas time and they were no big deal to me, we worked right through it. I think I started to love her around Valentine's Day. I gave her roses and a card that said "I Love You", but she didn't say I love you back. It bothered me a little bit at the time but not that much. We have continued having a great relationship since V-Day. We took a vacation together, meet my family (they love her!), and so on. But in the last couple days I have really started to think more about where this is going.We have always been able to talk to each other. She told me that before me she was a lot more wild and crazy, did the whole club/bar thing every weekend and "dated" many men. She told me she is very happy with me and wants to stay with just me because she is ready to slow down. All that is fine with me, I don't care what she did before me.She is my 5th girlfriend. I was with one woman for 2-3 years, another for 9 months, and the other 2 for less than 6 months, in addition to a couple more women that I just "hooked up" with.I am a fairly good looking guy, I need to lose 15 pounds I've gained since I started worknig a desk job, lol. I am educated, have money and will continue to aquire more of it (I work for my father and he is rich) Without trying to brag I am a good man. I even may be a little on the confident/cocky side. I guess you would descibe it as being the "alpha male".In our discussions together I have made it clear that I am ready for a VERY series relationship. I did the whole party thing back when I was 18-23. She also said the same thing although she just got around to slowing down now at the age of 30-31. I have made it clear that I want to get married and have a family. In fact I told her a want a couple kids but I want to be done having them by the time I am 30-32. I want to have fun with my kids while I am still young and have the energy to coach them in sports, go 100 mph with them, and don't want to be near 60 while they are in college. She smoke (not much, it takes her 2-3 days to go through one pack) and I asked her when she is going to quit and she said "about a year before I get pregnent" so I know she wants to have kids. Please keep in mind that we are saying these things TOO each other and it's not like we are already planning all this out. I am nowhere near the point where I am going to ask this girl to marry me (it has only been 7 months) but I also don't want to waste my time for TOO long. I told her a couple weeks ago "you know that I love you, right"? To which she said yes, but I didn't get anything in return from her. Then yesterday I flat out told her that I love her. (I do know the differance between loving someone and being "in love". I am not "in love" with her yet or I would have already asked her to marry me)I feel that we are at a point in our relationship where she should be able to say "I love you" but she won't do it. All she said is "I like you and I am very happy with you.I don't want to push her into anything because then things will just end horribly later by me pushing her into something she didn't want.But at the same time how long am I suppose to go without her being able to say she loves me? I don't want to get to the point where I am "in love" with her and still not getting anything in return.Not to mention the fact that I still stand by what I told her earlier in that I want to have a family in the next 5-6 years.How long should I wait before I decide to end it if she can't say she loves me? I don't want to waste to much time on her when I am a good guy who is ready to settle down. This situation is obviously the other way around from what it usually is (usally it's the guy scared of commitment and saying "I love you")Please tell me what you think. No matter what it is, even if you think I am 100% wrong and should just wait on her until hell freezes over.
A: Not only what the last guy said of not being around her, but also don't tell her you love her again. If she loves you she will tell you. If she don't tell you within six or so months I wouldn't really see this going anywhere. If your not living together you can always tell her "Lets just be friends" and of course if she loves you.... u know
Q: Ok i should probably start by saying we are BOTH VIRGINS AND HAVE NEVER HAD SEX BEFORE. We are both christians and belive in god but twice now iv'e fingered her and shes given me a hand job but thats as FAR as weve ever gone. Im just really paranoid that somehow during the session i may have gotten sprem on my finger and then entered it in her vagina. now if i DID have anything on my finger (and im almost sure i didnt), it would have been at the MOST a little but of pre ejaculate and nothing more. Also it wasnt until 1 WEEK later that it would have been the ideal time for one of her egg to be fertilzed or thats wat she said anyway i dont know how the whole ovulation and period cycle words but yea. Anyway since then she says shes gained about 6 lbs and shes been kinda moody latley or so shes said. idk if shes just over reacting cuz she thinks she might be too or if these are really signs of being pregnent. Before we had ever even done ANYTHING right before her period she actually had 8 of the 9 symptoms of pregnancy and obvioiusley she wasnt so what are the chances this is all just normal for her? her period is due in about a week so what re the chances she'll get it? and if she misses it does trhis definatly mean shes pregnant or should we buy a test? and do we have to be 18? and should we talk to our parents? Please, im not ready to be a father and we've already decided that at this point any kind of sexual activity is ireesponsible and immoral so we've stopped altogether but we are both still virgins! i dont think we deserve this to happen to us and for all the christians out there do you guys think god would allow this to happen to us if were not ready for it yet? we have only ever been sexually active TWICE IN OUR ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP and even then it wasnt even fully sex it was only me fingering and her giving me a hj so wat are the chances she is pregnant just from this? again im just concerned i may have SOMEHOW gotten precum on my finger and then entered it in her vagina. when i actually ejaculated my penis was no where near her vagina and she didnt touch her vagina with the hand she uses but please i need answers fast! and again her period is suppose to come in one week. PLEASE IM ONLY 16 as of the 26th! And by the way this whole thing happened maybe 3 weeks ago or about that.
A: i kind of doubt she is pregnant. you both are overreacting

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