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What medicines can I take for a headache while I am pregnant

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Any drug taken during pregnancy is considered a "maybe" risk. For more info please consult a doctor on which meds to take. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-medicines-can-i-take-for-a-headache-while-i-am-pregnant ]
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What Kind Of Medicine Can I Take For A Sinus Headache While Being...?
The only meds u can take is tylenol but call ur doctor because if u end up with a sinus infection i believe they can give u amoxicillin or the z-pack
What Type Of Headache Medicine Can I Take While Pregnant?
There are several ways to prevent migraine attacks. A healthy diet (See Lifestyle Changes in this report), the right amount of sleep, and non-drug approaches, such as biofeedback, should be tried first for prevention. Behavioral Treatments ...

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What medicines should I avoid while pregnant?
Q: This is now my 3rd time being pregnant and I have had a miscarriage the two previous times. I am only 25 so it is not because of my age. I also have no history of any disease or illness. My husband has also offered to work extra so that I can take off for a year so I don't have any stress to deal with. The doctor also told me that I have a perfectly healthy uterus and am fertile. I am two months pregnant right now and I am experiencing major headaches and back pains. I also have always had really bad allergies and now that it is the fall they are getting even worse. What should I not take for this?And also for future reference what is a complete list of medicines and other things that have shown to lead to miscarriage? I can't stand to lose another baby.
A: I used to get bad back ache when I was pregnant and I was told that you can take paracetomal but they recommend only 1 tablet. Ibroprofen is a no no. If you have backache and headaches try having a nice bath with some relaxing bubble bath- people recommended this to me and I thought it woldn't work but it did help- I even had a bath when I was in labour! You could also try warming a towel and putting it under your back. You can buy bean bags you warm up in the microwave that have lavender in them and these can help when you hold them against your back.For headaches you could try the 4head roll on- it cools your head down and isn't internal so can't hurt your babyHope everything goes well!!
what can i do for a head cold during my pregnancy?
Q: I am 16 weeks pregnant, and to be honest when i was pregnant w/my 4 yr. old didn't take ANY medicine at all, i was afraid it would harm my baby, i didn't even take tylenol for headaches even though it was safe to take supposively! I just need to know some natural things to do for this awful head cold, my ears are clogged up, my nose is stuffed up, and my head pounds from all the congestion in my head it's awful. I don't wanna take any medicine b/c im just a paranoid person about medicine while im pregnant hopefully this doesn't seem crazy to some people, but if anyone is pregnant or was pregnant that knows natural ways please let me know i would highly appreciate it thanks so much
A: I just went thought the same thing. I don't like to take any meds either while I am pregnant. But any tylenol cold or sinus medicine is safe. Afrin nasal spray, robitussin cough cyrup, and sudafed sinus are all on my safe list form the OB. YOu can also try alternating cold and hot packs on your sinuses. My Dr just told me Sudafed shower soothers were safe as well. You put them in a hot shower and they release vapors like Vicks Vapor Rub. Just remember that taking medications like prescribed, occasionally during pregnancy is safe.
am i driving myself insane?
Q: ok so im a 15 year old girl and i have been on the birth control pill for a year now. my cycles are regular now and they have been for a while.. just this last week i was on my period, then sunday i started a new pack of pills. well sunday night me and my bf messed around and we didnt have a condom and he went in like halfway and then we stopped. and well i felt so guilty and bad about it i have been making myself sick. i even told my mom and she says im not pregnant and im just worrying myself and i need to put it in the past and stop dwelling on it. and im trying but i constantly think about it. all the time. i stress myself out to the point of loss of appetite, nervous jitters and twitches, restless, i cant sleep, my stomach hurts, i feel gassy, and ill get headaches and i feel like my chest is caving in and my heartbeat gets faster and i feel like i have to try even harder to breathe.. so i really dont think im pregnant and im trying to put it behind me but i dont know what i can do to calm myself down.. i have anxiety medicine which i take daily but its not helping. any suggestions?
A: A brisk walk outdoors in the fresh air is the recommended constitutional for starters - you're easily up to it and should maybe consider jogging or cycling, actually get your heart rate up to above 120bpm for over half an hour a day as you take in great lungfuls of fresh air, and enjoy natural light & scenery....& If you take to cycling, find a route with a long steep downhill stretch if you can, to freewheel down for a cool effortless blast and the chance to go 'whoooohoooooyeaaahhh' out loud.Then see how you feel when the moment triggering anxiety is upon you - you should be able to extinguish it with a mere "puh!"

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