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What kind of discharge do you have when you are pregnant

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Vaginal discharge often increases during pregnancy, often as a result of changes to the cervix. Mucus is normal towards the end. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-discharge-do-you-have-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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What Kind Of Discharge Would You Have Before Missed Period If Pre...?
There is no discharge like thing as the sign of pregnancy. Only test is the pregnancy test when you missed a period. If you want to go for early pregnancy test then go for HCG test in blood not in urine.
What kind of discharge comes out when your pregnant??
You could be pregnant! Not everyone ovulateds in the middle of their cycle. Thats why they say you can get pregnant at anytime of the month. I got pregnant the day after my period stopped!
Do you get any kind of discharge when you are pregnant?
Mild-smelling milky discharge that you occasionally noticed in your underwear before you were pregnant. There's just a lot MORE?

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when you think that your pregnant what kind of discharge do you have is it pink if so what does it mean?
Q: Is their a reason why im having a gooy pink discharge please let me know
A: but you THINK your pregnant, so you dont know for sure? only implantation spotting appears around 6-8 weeks of conception. pink is starting a period.
Do you have any kind of discharge when your pregnant?
Q: I'm eleven days late on my period...and i've noticed that i have a discharge now...it's thick and white...but i know that it's not an infection or anything because i have no pain, no itch, and no odor....do you have a discharge when your pregnant? And if so is it like what i described or different...thanks for your commentsI would just take a test but i've been trying to concieve for almost a year now with no luck...i'm not up for the dissapointment again
A: Yes, your cervical mucous will change during different times in your cycle and also when you are pregnant. If it is 'egg white cervical mucous' that is the most fertile and you have the best chance of becoming pregnant. I remember after I was pregnant my discharge was very thick... I think you should test, just so you will know for sure. They have $1 tests at the dollar tree.
What kind of discharge do you have when pregnant white, clear or what?
Q: I asked because I am getting a thick white discharge is this normal at 5 months.
A: Yep. Clear/white/even slightly yellow is normal. Thin or thick/sticky like... if it is too yellow however it could be an infection, but most likely slight yellow is just discolored from urine.

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