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What is the percentage of getting pregnant when YOU are on birth control but do not use a condom

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In one year, 5 to 8 out of 100 typical couples who rely on the Pill to prevent pregnancy will have an accidental pregnancy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-percentage-of-getting-pregnant-when-you-are-on-birth-control-but-do-not-use-a-condom ]
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What is the percentage of getting pregnant when YOU are on birth ...?
In one year, 5 to 8 out of 100 typical couples who rely on the Pill to prevent pregnancy will have an accidental pregnancy.

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How safe are you from becomming pregnant if you are on the Depo-Provera injection but are not using a condom?
Q: I am 21 and will be starting the Depo-Provera injection soon.My partner and I have no STI’s and he is my first sexual partner.Right know we are using condoms along WITH withdrawal during intercourse, but I am not comfortable with this method alone (hence why I will be starting Depo soon).Once I’m on Depo, my partner would like to go without condoms but still use the withdrawal method (don’t worry, he’s not pressuring me to go without a condom. The condoms are just a bit frustrating for him since they dull the sensation).So I’m just trying to decide how safe I would be from getting pregnant if my partner and I did not use a condom after I get the injection.When I look up statistics on the effectiveness of the Depo-Provera injection, I get percentages of 99.5-99.7. Are these statistics portraying the effectiveness of using Depo alone or with a secondary form of birth control?What is your opinion on having intercourse without a condom while on Depo-Provera AND the withdrawal method?What is your opinion on having intercourse without a condom while on Depo-Provera and NOT using the withdrawal method (I only ask this just in case of the event that he doesn’t pull out in time)?Thank you for your input, I appreciate it!
A: Depo Provera is 99.5-99.7 percent effective without using a secondary method. It is a very reliable form of birth control. The only reason I would continue to using a condom while on Depo Provera, would be to prevent contracting a sexually transmitted disease. If you are sure you or your partner do not have any STD's (what I mean is you have both been tested) and you are sure both of you are monogamous, I think you will be fine using the Depo Provera alone. I also do not believe it would necessary to use the withdrawal method.
Why do So Many Men Refuse to Pay Child Support Pt.3?
Q: Non payment is not a form of neglect. It's all about money, just b/c a man pays child support doesn't mean he will be involved in the child's life. Society says how the presence of a father in a child's life is a great impact on how the child grows, however they seem to feel that paying every month is somehow helping?? Why don't we enforce VISITATION. The guy said it right earlier, fathers need to be there emotionally and physically. When you pay child support, visitation rights is a seperate entity. If we enforce that men should be around their children with visitation instead of child support then maybe we wouldn't have so many men running away from the system!As stated earlier, non payment of child support is not a form of neglect, especially when the child has all types of welfare! Do you realize how many women receive Medicaid, Food Stamps, Housing vouchers, TANF, Child Care and other benefits, just for being a single mother??? You have no idea! So where exactly is the neglect? If the child lives with the his/her mother she probably works and pays the cost of living. SO what else could the child possibly need if they have food and shelter? (off of welfare) Clothes, shoes, little condiments here there, school supplies perhaps and love. Biological father should help for that. However, for the mother's cost of living, the father of child should NOT have to be forced to pay for. The mother of the child SHOULD work, and not wait for the child support check to come in every month to help pay for her living expenses! This is not alimony. I am specifically speaking of women that are on welfare and unwed mothers and fathers. As I stated before, there are MANY forms of birth control! Yaz, Yazmin, Ortho Evra, Depo, The No Period Pill, Loestrin Fe, The Chewable Pill, IUD, you name it they have it! This is 2007, what makes sense for woman over the age of 18 , to not be taking any birth control? Men too! You need to be wearing condoms, most definitely! But they haven't came out with a line of birth control for men yet, so I'm speaking to the women! We are always blaming the men, women too need to be using their birth control! It's getting ridiculous! This is 2007, not the 1960s before birth control! There are many cases, where women meet a man and there is an assumption that they will always be together and then when the woman gets pregnant the father spilts. Unfortunately, this is an unmarried couple and if he is going to be that type of person then you don't need him anyway. There is a reason for why people wait until they get married to have sex or have children. I am for child support, but the state is going about it the wrong way. When a woman gets pregnant and the father of her child is not around she has options. She either has an abortion, an adoption, or she chooses parenting. This is her choice, and if she chooses parenting she will get as much information she can about all the public aid she can get. She is told from the time she finds out she is pregnant to get WIC, and Medicaid, and all other sorts of public aid. However, what do we tell the man? We just tell him to pay child support, and if he doesn't, he'll go to jail! And in a moment, his life is forever changed. I think we need to start helping our men, and stop just telling a man to keep his pants zipped, when we should ALSO be saying to our women to keep their legs closed. If it goes both ways, then why are we always blaming the men?? Like I said earlier, I've heard of rapists going to jail, but men that don't pay child support? Now, that's just ridiculous.The Solution? There should be a government funded proram where the aid is used to pay for child support. It shouldn't be too much but it should calculate a percentage of needs that the child itself will need monthly, such as clothes, or shoes, school supplies, and other things children need. Everybody knows that some of these government funded programs are unecessary, some of them should be cut back to pay for support of the children. We as american citizens are already paying for everybody elses' children in our taxes. Now for the fathers of the child, every assumed father should be ordered to take paternity for each alleged child. There is a large percentage of men that pay child support and aren't the father of the child. After paternity is established, the father should be given some sort of visitation arrangment between the father and the child to see each other often. To establish a connection, and provide love and care for growth. However, it sound ludicrous to say it is a felony for a man to not pay child support, and send him to jail. What if otherwise, he is a good man? He has another family? Is he really selfish? Or is he just trying to survive without the threat of going to jail for non payment of child support!!?!?
A: WoW could not of said it any better. Statistics show that men who are allowed visitation especially those who are allowed to have a RELATIONSHIP with their children are prone to diligently pay child support +++ plus give many extras.I agree that the mothers who demand their children withhold affection for their fathers have more problems, less money, abuse the government, and always YELLING poor little me.

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