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What is the percent chance of getting pregnant on your period

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There is definately a chance of getting pregnant on your period but that chance is very low. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-percent-chance-of-getting-pregnant-on-your-period ]
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What is the percentage chance of getting pregnant on your period??
Almost 0% as only a small minority of woemn ovulate during their period and the uterus is too thin for a fertilised egg to implant.
What is the percentage chance of getting pregnant while on your p...?
I got pregnant the last day of my period once I thought it was over and had sex and when I went to the bathroom after having sex I noticed that I still was having some slight bleeding and six weeks later I found out I was pregnant. So yes, ...

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I had sex with my boyfriend on the first day of my period. What are the chances of me getting pregnant?
Q: I know that everything is possible. I hope that I am not. And yes, I know this was a mistake. What are the chances of me getting pregnant? 20 percent, 40 percent, 75 percent? And thank you for your comments. I hope to never make this mistake again.
A: Really quite low. Can't give you a percentage but there should be no egg in there to fertilise that's why you are shedding your womb lining. Sperm can live up there for up to 7 days but if it was the first day of your period than you have 14ish days before another egg comes round.Of course miracles do happen and don't take this risk again.
What are you chances of getting pregnant 2 weeks after quitting birth control?
Q: I was on the pill for 2 years, and I recently quit them. I had unprotected sex 2 weeks after my withdrawal bleed. i know theres not a high chance (as your period takes a while to regluate out, and even so, couple only have a 15- 30 percent chance of concieving everymonth).Has anybody ever got pregnant right after the pill?
A: It usually takes between 3 -6 months for your body to regulate itself, but everyone is different and you could get pregnant.
Could I be pregnant?? Please help?
Q: Please do not judge or criticize. K me and my boyfriend had sex saturday night. (i'm 20 and he is 26) He came inside of me too. I'm not on anything and had my last period on the 29th of september and usually have a 28 day cycle, so I should be done ovulating before this happened. (I just calculated it from the internet and it said my last fertile day was the 15th if I have a 28 day cycle which is not always true). Him and his last girlfriend had unprotected sex for 5 years and came in her all the time and she never got pregnant so he thinks he is sterile. What are my chances of getting pregnant? His last girlfriend also just had a baby so I highly doubt she is the one infertile. We also had sex again the next night doing the same thing. Are my chances high or low for getting pregnant? My period should be here by the 27th. Can i take a pregnancy test next week if i miss my period or is that to soon?I also had a brownish discharge on my panties on tuesday morning which was not to noticable, I heard this could be a sign of implantation but didn't think I would happen this early. My boyfriend did some research and said their is no way that it could come this early. Is that right?? Should I be worried, my friends say i'm freaking out over nothing.I've also been cramping too but that could just be cause i'm really scared! I've had no signs and should I miss my period next week? What could be my percent chances from your perspective?
A: Sounds like you are about to start your period (the discharge and cramping). Yeah it is too early to tell right now. If you were, you wouldn't have any signs yet anyways. I would say it is pretty slim that you are.

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