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What is the oldest person to get pregnant

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The oldest woman in the world to get pregnant was 59 years old. WOW! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-oldest-person-to-get-pregnant ]
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How old is the oldest a person can get pregnant??
You can't have children until you reach menopause which is usually late 40s-50s and sometimes in your 60s.. I applaud you for waiting till your married to share yourself with that one special guy. You don't see that often these days, but I ...
How old was the yongest person to get pregnant?
The youngest person ive ever heard of being pregnant was a 9 year old on t.v. and she had the baby at age 10 .. she lived
Who's the oldest person to ever become pregnant?
i think it's a 62 years old women in the uk. but i don'y know the oldest in the world

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What is the age of the oldest and youngest person you know to have a baby?
Q: The oldest I know is a woman I worked with, she got pregnant at 41 and delivered at 42 and the youngest is 15.You?
A: The youngest would be some of my sisters friends from school, I don't personally know them myself and she only talks to them in school but they range from 14-16. Im not sure about the oldest. My mother is 35 and just recently had a miscarriage in Feb.- jeωeℓℓчssα's мαмα *;
how old do you thank an 18 and above person should be to have sex.?
Q: i understand that this isnt the best question to ask but i see 14 year olds get pregnant so i just want to know what your opinion is on how old a person must be to have sex.
A: I think, once you're able to deal with all the responsibility's that can come with haveing sex, emotionally and financially, then you could have sex. Otherwise, you're just way in over your head.
What happens to a person in Ohio who delibertly writes bad checks and has a two year old and is also pregnant?
Q: My sister keeps writing bad checks and is on her way to going to jail. Her husband is wanting to get back into the Army. She is 7 1/2 months pregnant and has a two year old. What does Ohio do to people like that? Do I have a chance of getting the kids? The dad won't be able to take care of them if he is shipped to Iraq.
A: Pregnant and a 2 year old at home does not give you a license to break the law. She will end up in jail unless she makes restitution immediately! As far as her children, IF she goes to jail you can gain temporary custody with permission.

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