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What is the first sign that you are pregnant

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The five signs are missed period, frequent urination, fatigue, sickness, and sore breasts. Good luck! ChaCha us again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-first-sign-that-you-are-pregnant ]
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What is the first sign that you are pregnant?
It really depends on wherethere this is your first pregancy or not. First pregancy you will probably notice breast sensitivity,extreme tiredness maybe sensitivity to smells..and of course the big sign no period. I found with each pregancy m...
What would be the first sign that i got my girlfriend pregnant?
Morning sickness. Usually following conception for 4-8 weeks if at all will be a good sign. Thanks for texting! ChaCha!
First Trimester Pregnancy Signs: Are You Pregnant?
Once your period is late, you may notice a feeling of fullness in your lower abdomen. That feeling is the embryo implanting in your uterus and the uterine lining beginning to thicken. All that action means that blood flow is increased to yo...

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Whats the first sign of being pregnant?
Q: What is the first sign that you are pregnant?
A: not getting ur period,vomiting,growth of stomach
What made you think you were first pregnant??
Q: What was the first sign you got that you were pregnant?? How did you know? Or did you not know at all and just found out by chance?
A: I actually didnt find out I was pregnant until 3 months...my periods were very unpredictable so I didnt even notice! The first time I thought I was pregnant was when I got out of the shower and saw my chest in the mirror, you could see all these blue veins all over! I bought a test that night and it was positive!
what is the first sign that you are pregnant?
Q: and how early can you get this symptom?
A: 2 weeks before I was supposed to get my period I noticed my boobs were swollen which usually happens before i get my period but It usually only lasted a few days. They stayed that way for weeks and I knew something was up.

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