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What is the earliest you can feel stomach tightness and cramps when pregnant

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The earliest symptoms of pregnancy will begin within 2 weeks of conception. Symptoms include tightness and cramps. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-earliest-you-can-feel-stomach-tightness-and-cramps-when-pregnant ]
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What is the earliest you can feel stomach tightness and cramps wh...?
The earliest symptoms of pregnancy will begin within 2 weeks of conception. Symptoms include tightness and cramps. ChaCha on!
Is it normal for ur stomach to cramp up & feel tight early in...?
Sure is. It's most likely your uterus growing. I have cramping still from time to time at 21 weeks. Totally okay providing there is no bleeding. Mind you, I had bleeding at about 8 weeks too and everything's going great! PS My OB told me in...

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I am having many pregnany symptoms (I think). Preg test neg on 1st day after missed period. Can I still hope?
Q: My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. My periods are usually very regular. Occasionally, it might be 1 or 2 days plus or minus but I have not missed a period in the last 10 years or so. I am about 31 yrs old. First day of my last period was 2/5.We had sex on 2/14 & 2/15. I had some light bleeding on 2/16 that lasted for 3 days (light red changed to brown) which I thought was due to the intercourse on 2/15 (abrasions perhaps - It was quick & rapid. Nurse told I might have been ovulating. I do not know). I was "feeling" pregnant starting from about a week after the intercourse, I think. It started with lower abdomen feeling heavy/tight. It's like the feeling of pressure or tightness there or some sort of abdominal discomfort. Then on 2/27, I had some thick very dark brown mucus discharge of egg white consistency, which I thought to be a implantation symptom. My husband and I had sex again on 2/28 just in case I was ovulating late. My feeling of pregnancy was growing all the time. Abdomen feels really stretchy. Gas and burps. The stomach feels almost alright in the morning but feels bloated and full towards evening. Frequent abdominal cramps (similar to AF cramps but lighter. But I very rarely get any AF cramps. Usually my periods are very painless. Only symptom I usually feel is sore and swollen breasts.) Also, I think I am feeling hungry more often these days. More frequent hunger pangs (This, I could be imagining, I dont know). On 2/6, I felt very tired and fatigued. It continues for 2/7 AM but later I was feeling okay about the tiredness.2/6 is when I was expecting my period (My period is usually 30 days including first day of last period and first day of current period). Today is 2/7 and I have not had my periods yet. I took a home pregnancy test (dollar tree brand) on 2/7 early morning and got a negative.I am now very tensed and concerned.1. Could I still be pregnant (I really pray so) though it is still reading negative?2. In case I am not pregnant, what were the symptoms I am experiencing? Could anything else be possibly wrong with me?3. I have frequent abdominal cramps for more than a week. I think I have started noticing those as early as 2/20. Can pregnancy symptoms start as early as this? I also experience a sharp pain sometimes on the right side of abdomen. I have been urinating frequently (But I always had somewhat more frequent urination. It just seems a bit more these days). 4. I am very worried about the abdominal symptoms. Cramping, pricking pains at times mostly on the right side, the stretchy feeling of stomach was initially on lower abdomen. Now it feels more on the upper middle stomach (after the breastbones in the middle). I feel easily tired relative to before, pant more easily when climbing steps. Could something else be wrong with me?5. Did any of you have these symptoms? What were the results? In case I turn out to be pregnant a few days after, could this be a unhealthy pregnancy?I am sorry to bore you with a long mail. But I just wanted to provide as much information as possible to help you help me.I appreciate and value your time and help.2/8 - Thanks for all responses. I really feel a lot better now. I took the test again today and it turned out to be negative (I used the same cheap brand, did not have a chance to go to store yet.). But I am going to try again with different brands (first response may be on Mon). Will let you know. Thanks again.On a side note - I am feeling wet -white discharge starting late evening yesterday. So probably my periods is on the way, though I really wish its good news! :-)Forgot to mention before. Yes, I am otherwise healthy, slim and a petitte frame (115 lbs). I exercise regularly but haven't hit the gym eversince the symptoms started. Just trying to be overcautious..:-)
A: Wow Girl, This was long!!! But i guess I'll start 1 by 1.1. YES, you can still be pregnant. Hormone strengths vary widely in the first few days of pregnancy. So its possible that your hormones are low, or that you ovulated maybe a day or so later than normal. If i were you, I'd wait about a day or two (Monday morning) and re-test. That way you give your body chance to build up the hormone.2. If your not pregnant, the symptoms could be stress-induced. Alot of times when were TTC, we interpret every little thing as a pregnancy symptom. Now somtimes, they are, and alot of the times they arn't. I would say just realx, and dont fret about it. If it didn't happen this month, then HEY, theres always a next month!! Try to be positive.3. 2/20 is approx. 15 days after the start of your LMP, so thats more than likely ovulatuion cramps that your feeling. Some women get them and others dont. So no, it would be too early for pregnancy symptoms.4. The pains from one side of your body indicate which side the egg was released from. So this month, your right ovary released an egg. As far as the panting, our hormones fluxuate which cause changes in energy levels, moods, appetites etc. So your probably getting your short of breath and fatigue from that. I don't think anything else is wrong. Are you healthy? (Decent weight, and active)5. When i found out I was pregnant, some of the symtpoms I had were the cramps, fatigue, moodiness, stretchy cm, excessive headaches and a metallic taste. The cramps were horrible, actually worse than my normal cramps. I later came to find out it was a twin pregnancy. The fatigue was rediculous, i mean i got tired at every little step. Lets not even talk about me being able to brethe lol.If any other questions feel free to let me know.
HELP 6 Days past O DAY?
Q: Hi there,k so heres the scoop, I had a miscarriage back in November...I knew I was pregnant because I missed my period and my nipples were sore and I was eating a lot more and I felt twinges in my lower stomach. Well I know that I ovulated the night of Valentine's day and my Bf and I had sex that night along with 2 times the next day (sorry tmi) well I also know when I ovulate because I get the crampiness when the egg is released and normally that goes away after at least one day...this time it stuck around for 4-5 days and my nipples have been really sensitive since I ovulated and Ive been extremely hungry too, I even eat breakfast...which i never did before! and I've been feeling a lot of weird things in my lower stomach again...especially yesterday i felt a lot ...felt kinda like a tightness here and there through out the day on the right side of my belly button...it was really weird...so anyway girls im just asking...can you tell if you get pregnant right away after O day? or is it possible I was prego already from last month as says my sister..,.cuz she says I shouldn't be getting symptoms this early! please let me know what you think I want to know if I should just go out and get a test...to help you figure this out a little bit better maybe...since I got my miscarriage I haven't gotten any PMS symptoms like I used to...my period just came on and I bled for a few days...this last month I got my period around the first of feb...was supposed to come on the third and I bled for about 5 days...not my normal amount of bleeding time...and it wasnt full on blood...dont know how to explain it...it was really light either...and then if my calculations are correct I should have been ovulating around the 14-15th and the 14th that night is when I got the cramps...so please HELP ME! I dont want to waste my money on a pregnancy test right now...so should I wait to see if I get my period again? My sister got her period the first few months of her first pregnancy after her first miscarriage...maybe that runs in the family...idk? Thanks a ton!I never get sore nipples...last time it happened was when I WAS prego and I know that I ovulate from my cervical mucus...it was really stretchy and egg whitey exactly on the 14th and 15th and I got cramps which can be a common sign of ovulation. Also my period is normally around 29 days...and I tried calculating it online and they said around the 15th...now I know those things aren't always most accurate but according to my symptoms it seemed like it was this time
A: I am also 6 DPO. Today would be the first possible day for both of us for implantation to occur, so I think the symptoms you've been getting are related to something else. Also, besides the cramping you got, how else do you know that you for sure ovulated on the 14th? Just wondering because you said your period was irregular this past month, so I wonder if your ovulation was irregular too. Even if you went and got a pregnancy test, and you were pregnant, it wouldn't show up on a pregnancy test for at least another 3-4 days probably (and maybe not even then too).I don't know if getting periods in the first few months of pregnancy runs in the family or not, I've not ever heard of that.

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