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What is the biggest sign of being pregnant

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The number one sign of pregnancy is the lack of menstrual cycle. Nausea is the second. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-biggest-sign-of-being-pregnant ]
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What are the biggest signs of being pregnant?
For me it was extreme tiredness, sleeping extra, loss of apetite, sore boobs, sick for no reason, certain smells make you sick, general feeling of being sick, laziness, favorite foods make you sick, not able to hold any food on the stomach ...
What Are The First Signs Of A Dog Being Pregnant?Do The Nipples G...?
The early signs are, nipple growth, decrease in appetite, a sudden decrease in activity, and behavioral changes... dogs.lovetoknow.com

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What are the biggest signs of being pregnant?
Q: Girls that have had babies or are currently pregnant, what were the first signs that you noticed when you were pregnant?
A: missing period.
stomach making alot of noises a sign of being pregnant?
Q: ok so my stomach has been making a ton of noises, its been 3weeks since me and my bf had sex, im starting 2 think that im pregnant. it gurgles and makes all these funny sounds {some sound like farting sounds lol} which is totally embarrassing...could that be a sign of being pregnant??? im also gettin headaches everyday, gagin alot, my lower stomach keeps hurtin, nothing major just a lil bit, i feel like i get period pains but its not period pains cuz im nowere near the time 4 it, also lower back pains and i look fatter,i dont have a baby belly or nothing i just look fatter...so what do u think??? could i be pregnant??? do u look bigger be4 u start gettin a baby belly??? ...thanxits not gas, well i dont feel like i have any lol...and i have no idea about the stomach noises cuz my friend is pregnant and she gets all these stomach noises and stuff so i was jw, and im not hungary i ate alot 2day lol the stomach noises r constant and its driving me nuts....hmm y would i be bloaded tho??? im nowere near my period i shouldnt be, and on alot of sites it says some symptoms can come as early as 1week, so thats y im so confused about all this
A: you could be pregnant if you had unprotected sex, yea, but stomach noises are not a symptom.
how do you know if your pregnant with out even take a test?
Q: my sister thinks she's pregnant but she can't get a test yet. so how do you know if you are pregnant with out getting a home test or going to the doctors... what are some of the big signs of being pregnant???can you give me some symptoms that she could be feeling if she is pregnant???
A: Even a miss period is not a for sure sign of pregnancy. There is no other way to know for sure unless you are far along like 6 months or more. You can have all the symptoms and not be pregnant or have no symptoms at all and be pregnant. Or she can just wait 9 months to see if she gives birth.

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