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What is my due date if I am 5 weeks 6 days pregnant

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Pregnancy is 9 months or 40 weeks and you are about 6 weeks so you are due in 34 weeks which will be June 4th. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-my-due-date-if-i-am-5-weeks-6-days-pregnant ]
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What is my due date if I am 5 weeks 6 days pregnant
Pregnancy is 9 months or 40 weeks and you are about 6 weeks so you are due in 34 weeks which will be June 4th. ChaCha

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Very confusing due date!! 36 weeks and 5 days!?
Q: Hey, i had an ultrasound on september 19th, and they told me that i was 18 weeks pregnant and not 20 weeks (which is what i thought i was) and the first due date i was told was february 6th, 2009 because the first day of my last period was may 2nd.. now my due date is february 20th.. and i really have a hard time understanding that, i talked to my doctor about it , and he said it is because when i was on birth control i missed pills which made everything all messed up.. so now i don't really even know when the baby is going to arrive! at my doctors appointment i am also measuring 39 weeks.. and that kind of goes along with my first due date.. so i'm wondering if maybe the ultrasound was off, and that all along i actually am due on the 6th?
A: With my first I didn't know when I conceived, I didn't find out I was pregnant till I was almost 3 mths along, so they had just the ultrasound to go on, which after 3 mths starts to vary and not be as accurate, they changed my date from nov.6th to nov.11th to nov.4th, honestly I dont even remember the last "due date" they gave me I do remember however that when I was admitted to the hospital they looked at my chart which was there "from pre registering" and said I was 37 weeks along, so my daughter was born oct 28th, she was 7lbs 7 ounces, so either she was gonna be a huge baby if delivered at 40 weeks or my dates were off,lol. and even if they give you an accurate due date, only 5% of women deliver on that date anyway, most go anywhere from 37-42 weeks, I know it's frustrating, but I wouldn't worry, good luck
5 weeks 6 days no heartbeat?
Q: I just went for a scan and found out i am 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant..i am a little worried cos the lady saw the fetal pole but couldnt see the heartbeat..she said it happens a bit but i may need to return in a few weeks for another..im so scared cos we want this baby so bad..how common it it at this stage not to have a visable heartbeat? Also if im 5 weeks 6 days today what is my due date? (she didnt tell me)
A: You're due date is either November 20 or 21. I'm not sure if you were 5 weeks 6 days on the 26th or 27th of March. So, 20th if 26th and 21st if 27th. It may be just a hair too early for you to see and hear the heartbeat. I had an US done at 4 weeks 5 days and there was just a sac, at 6 weeks 4 days there was a lentil bean sized baby with a heartbeat of 135. So who knows, your little buggers heart could start up today or tomorrow or the next day. Just take deep breaths and try not to stress even though you will anyway.Good Luck
29 weeks and 5 days pregnant... Whats ur opinion?
Q: i am 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant and well i had an ultrasound when i was 28 weeks and 6 days! the ultrasound tech made a comment that my baby was measuring further than i really am! she weighed 3 and a half pounds! wasnt no big deal till i talked to my dr today and she made the same comment that my baby is measuring big! at the ultrasound i (by what my dr said) i should have been about 32 weeks pregnant to get that measurement/weight! so we discussed if my due date should be changed but i had an ultrasound at 6 weeks 2days that told me i was due dec 11th adn my dr said ultrasounds done within the first trimester are more accurate on when the baby is due so my due date will remain dec 11th! my questions aredo you think i will deliver early?how big do you think my baby will be? will she induce me early?any help to calm my nerves is appreciatedTHANKS AHEAD!
A: When I was 36 weeks with my second the doctor did an ultrasound because I was only measuring 34 weeks. Turns out her body was measuring 38 weeks, and her head was measuring term. I was induced on my original due date, she was an 8 lb baby with a big noggin!I'd stick with the date that most closely cooresponds with the last menstral cycle date or the earliest ultra sound. After 20 weeks babies start growing at their own rate. My guess is you'll deliver within a week of your due date, that you'll have a big baby, but not unusually so. As for induction, you'll have to wait and see. Your body will tell the doctor if it is ready for an induction or not.The weight measurements are only estimates and are give or take a pound.You are going to be just fine, have a wonderful normal uneventful pregnancy and bring home a beautiful bundle of joy just in time for Christmas.Good Luck!

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