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What is a dangerous temperature for a pregnant woman to be at

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Medical research states a temperature above 101 degrees Fahrenheit can be dangerous when pregnant. Stay out of the bath and sauna! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-dangerous-temperature-for-a-pregnant-woman-to-be-at ]
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When is a high temperature considered dangerous for a pregnant wo...?
Any temperature above 100F should be looked into, especially while pregnant. If you do not have tylenol I suggest you try to find some or buy some (besides she'll need for aches and pains before you know it). She can cool down by taking a c...
Is it dangerous for a pregnant woman to be exposed to really low ...?
Congrats! It is fine to have the A/C on during pregnancy, that should not be too cold. What you should be concerened about is taking showers that are too hot or being outside for long periods of time, this causes your body temp to rise and ...

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Q: How this this possible? After all, men have choices, many means at their disposal to ensure female partner can't get pregnantNot one form of contraception, used alone, is 100% effective 100% of the time. You can get a vasectomy, wear a rubber, use spermicidal jellies and creams. Its highly unlikely that with those 3 modes of contraception, used together, will result in a pregnancy. Here's a fourth: only consent to have sex (using all the birth control methods described above) when the woman is least likely to become pregnant (according to her hormonal rhythm). In fact, this is called the "rhythem method" of birth control. This will make it even easier for the girl to not get pregnant if she is not on birth control: pull out before you climax. Now , with all that going for you I suggest you go for it!Oh, and before I forget, there's the birth control method called "keep it in your pants". That is the only method that has been proven to be 100% effective 100% of the time.33 minutes ago What is the Rhythm Method? The rhythm method, also known as "fertility awareness," is a method of birth control that uses the menstrual cycle to predict your most fertile time of the month - that is when you are most likely to become pregnant. Once you have identified your most fertile time you simply don't have sex or use a barrier method of birth control during that time period. How does it work? Fertility awareness birth control methods are based on the fact that: sperm may live in the female reproductive tract for up to 7 days the female egg lives for only a day fertilization may occur even days after intercourse "safe days" occur 2 days after ovulation and continue until your next period There are several methods of determining which are the most fertile days of your cycle; a family planning clinic or your doctor will suggest one of several methods to help you identify the safest time during your cycle for having intercourse.33 minutes ago These include the: Calendar Rhythm Method - This method requires that you keep track of your cycle for a few months to determine your own individual pattern of ovulation. The pattern will help you keep track of when is most "dangerous" to have sexual intercourse. Basal Body Temperature Method - This method involves keeping track of your body temperature so that you can tell when you are ovulating. Body temperature rises two days prior to ovulation. Ovulation Method - This method requires you to check your cervical mucus to determine the time of ovulation. Symptothermal Method - A combination of the first two methods. Ovulation Predictor Kits - Available at the drugstore, these kits are used to test your urine to identify hormones that indicate ovulation is about to occur."You and your girlfriend buy a calendar of the month and figure out when she's most fertile, and only have sex when she's least fertile.*AND NO SIDE EFFECTS FOR EITHER OF YOUWHOOPEE!!!Seduced, not tricked? There is no such thing. Forcible "seduction" is called RAPE. So unless they were powerless, as in the case of rape, they engaged in sex voluntarily.Flutter, I had to re-post it because it was removed by our resident gang of misogynist hyenas. They don't want the world to know about this method because it would mean they wouldn't be able to have sex with a woman whenever they wanted.Alex, you are missing the point. The so-called "MRA's" insist contraception is the woman's responsibility. They don't want to wear condoms, condoms with spemicides, condoms with spemicides and having sex only on the woman's less fertile days, get a vasectomy, wear a condom and use spermicides and have sex only on the woman's less fertile days... etc. If they used all the products and techniques available to them, in combination, the chances of impregnating a woman would be absolute zero. But many refuse to even wear a condom because they insist it makes less fun FOR THEM.
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