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What happens when you go to the doctor to see if you are pregnant

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The doctor will do either a urine test or a blood test to see if you're pregnant. He may also do a pelvic exam and advise on care. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-go-to-the-doctor-to-see-if-you-are-pregnant ]
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What happens when you go to the doctors to see if your pregnant??
Well you need to make sure that you tell them(if its your first) that its your first exam. They will ask you about the rape(if you decide to tell them) and then they will start the exam. There are things i call quackers, that look like curl...

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What all happens when you go to the doctor's office if you go in to see if you're pregnant?
Q: I'm just not sure about this. I'm kind of nervous and just want to know what all will be going on.
A: They will test your urine to see if you are, indeed, pregnant. They will most likely draw blood. They will also weigh you to get a starting weight for your chart, give you an idea of your due date, give you a prescriptioin for prenatal vitamins, give you lots of information to take home and read, and set up your next appointment.
i have a question for pregnant women, what does your doctor do when you see him? high risk answers will help 2?
Q: ok I have decided to change my doctor, because I just didn't feel like he is doing what he should be doing, I am high risk since I had a stillbirth at 21 weeks on 05/14/09 but around the 16 week or so is when he thinks i lost the baby, but didn't know why i lost it either, i had spotting at 21 weeks and I was waiting for my medi-cal to be approved, so i hadn't seen him for 2 months so when i went to the hospital we found out the baby had no heartbeat, all the could go by was what the measurements were, and I had a miscarriage at 7weeks on 8/29/09. I am currently about 16 weeks give or take a few days and about 2 weeks ago i went to my dr because I was having some pain, he looked at the baby through an OLD u/s machine, didn't listen to the heart beat or anything else, said the baby was fine and that at this point there is NOTHING that they could do if I started to lose this baby. This is the same doctor I have been seeing for the other 2 pregnancies also. I am wondering if this is normal for a doctor to do? Am I just over reacting? What happens during a normal doctor visit for you?yes sorry i do mean 2008 sorry it happened 5/14/2008 and 8/29/2008. i am due this year on October 20, 2009. sorry again for the confusion
A: I think you are meaning to say 2008 instead of 2009? Anyway, you should for sure get a new doctor. I only had one miscarriage and with this next pregnancy my doc did everything she could to check for a heartbeat, when she couldn't hear it, or find it with her old u/s machine she even sent me to a hospital for an U/S there. Since you miscarried once and had a stillbirth the first time I'd think your doctor would be a little more concerned, or at least tell you what went wrong with your first pregnancy! He just seems careless to me. I'd call around and get opinions from a couple other doctors though. And good luck with this pregnancy!!!!
im pregnant, but when i went to get a ultrasound the doctor couldn't see nothing! help!!!?
Q: Alright well, yesterday was my first prenatal appointment! i was so excited because i wanted to know how many weeks i was, i knew for a fact i was more than 4 weeks. So when i got there the lady did the normal cheek up, she put her finger in my uterus and said im most likely 6-8 weeks. but since its to early in my pregnancy she couldn't do a normal ultrasound. she had to use that little stick that go's in your vagina and has a Camera. i got really worried when she kept moving it around, cause it seems like she couldn't find nothing. she asked me how did i find out i was pregnant, but i mean i KNOW i am i took 4 different home pregnancy's including first response, and they ALL came out positive! and i have all the symptoms!! she said there is definitely something in my uterus, but not 100% sure what it was. it looked like a little worm, from the screen. and she said maybe im just too early in my pregnancy to have a ultra sound. ive NEVER bleed-ed. so i don't think i could of had a miscarriage! she scheduled me a appointment in 3 more weeks. can somebody please tell me, why this happens? or what dose this mean? and if its to early to see it, then around how many weeks should i be?thank you all!!!jessica.
A: Same thing happened to me. I was about 5 weeks pregnant when I started bleeding. I went to the emergancy room. They found a sac but nothing in the sac and no heart beat. They told me that it might be too early to see anything and to follow up with my doctor. My doctor gave me an appointment at 12 weeks for an ultrasound. When they did the ultrasound they found the baby. I was so happy. It sounds like it might be too early to see anything, In a few weeks they should be able to see something. As long as you haven't had any bleeding you should be fine.Usually around 12 weeks or so you should be able to see the baby. Good Luck!

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