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What happens when dogs mate

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When two dogs mate it typically creates puppies! If the breeder has done his job right, the girl dog should be pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-dogs-mate ]
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What happens when cat and dog mate?
Nothing happens when a dog and cat mate. There is no cross species mating between a dog and a cat. Even if the physical act were to happen it would not result in anything. Dogs will act like they are mating in order to establish dominance s...
What happens if sibling dogs mate?
If there are "defects" they will be intensified and manifest outwardly. Say you have two unrelated dogs, one has a recessive for hip displaysia and the other doesn't, you only have a 25% chance of getting the displaysia gene in ...
What Happens When Sibling Dogs Mate?
The puppies could have severe birth defects

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What happens when 2 dogs of considerably different sizes mate?
Q: Take one Chihuahua. Take a St. Bernard. Both are members of same genus, therefore, genetically speaking, may mate with each other resulting with offsprings.Through articificial insemination we can overcome the size barrier. Male Chihuahua meets female St. Bernard seems to be easy. However, what happens when you impregnate the Chihuahua with St. Bernard? Is there any record of such (not the specific example) mating?If so, what happened? Would that harm Chihuahua or would nature "find a way" to host the offsprings? Also in the St. Bernard as the mother scenario, what would happen during nursing if and when the offsprings tend to be too small?Yes, I am curious of such things, no, I do not apologize.
A: i dont know!!! dont try
What happens when two dogs mate? Is this normal?
Q: I watched 2 dogs being bred. The male was alot smaller than the female and while he was humping her, he got inside her and they ended up bum to bum. They were stuck together for about 20 minutes and then finally released. Is that normal? Near the end of the episode the female was yelping a couple times. Were they hurting? Does it hurt them when they mate? I felt sorry for them. (It was a couple friends of mine who had dogs. Interesting to watch but I asked them if they should separate them because they looked uncomfotable. Could they have gotten hurt?)mdln18 - they were both poodles. The female was really fat. The male was slim and littleThanks everyone! Great answers.
A: All that you described is normal during a mating session between dogs. They often get "hung up" and can end up in weird positions. The female yelps because it is painful to her. Overbreeding results in poor health for the female and too many puppies; hope these folks take good care of their dogs and are responsible about finding homes for the puppies.
What will happen if two dogs mate when only one has reached puberty?
Q: Yesterday my friend left to India and had me take care of her new puppy for her. Her flight had gotten all messed up so she only had the dog for 12 hours before she left to the airport. I own a adult male Lhasa and her dog is a cross between a Lhasa and a Maltese(I think) its only 3 months. She gets along with my dog and they play around when I noticed my dog trying to , for the lack of a better word, screw her. I right away stopped him and am worried if it happens again when I'm out at school and stuff. Btw, if the puppy is too young will anything happen?(e.g, she gets pregnant, sick, dies) Any suggestions on how I can prevent this(especially if its fatal)? TXS!
A: This is dominance humping. Not sexual. At three months the pup will not get pregnant. Dogs can only get pregnant when in season -- first season is around 6 months.Now, the pup should be crated when you are not home for the pup's own protection from herself (chewing cords, eating bad stuff, etc). Get a crate, put her in and come back every 3 hours to let her out to play and potty.

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