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What happens if you smoke marijuana while you are pregnant

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No long term studies. Could effect neurotransmitters. When in doubt, dont do it, you want the most healthy outcome for child. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-smoke-marijuana-while-you-are-pregnant ]
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How long does marijuana stay in the babys system, if you smoke it...?
Marijuana will last in a babies system at least the same length of time it lasts in an adult's system, depending on the amount.
Can you smoke marijuana while pregnant?
No, you seriously risk your own life and your baby's life, and by smoking marijuana, you increase the risk of a miscarriage, as the toxic substances in the drug are given to the baby. You should not be smoking marijuana whether pregnant or ...
Is marijuana good to smoke while pregnant?
I am not a doctor but there have been some studies done on this and the results seemed to show that children whose mothers smoked marijuana while pregnant grew up to be happier, more sociable and calmer than those children whose mothers did...

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Is it okay to be around second-hand smoke marijuana while pregnant?
Q: My boyfriend found out the new neighbors who happen to be frequent marijuana smokers that the guy is actually his cousin he just didnt recognize him at first. So he's hanging out with him and invited me. Given that he is my boyfriend's cousin, and has a girlfriend who seems nice and I like meeting new people, I would like to go down there too. But I am just wondering if it would be okay if they smoke weed a lot, they are not doing it right now he said, and I'm 25 weeks pregnant? I know second-hand cigarette smoke is bad but what about marijuana? Is it just as bad or worse even? Even if they are not smoking at the time, the apartments are kinda crampy so not that well ventilated. How would/could this affect my baby?Also wuld you be kind of hurt if your boyfriend who was supposed to spend the weekend with you and baby (the one inside me lol a girl by the way) goes downstairs to hang out with the new neighbors smoke weed and drink beer when I cant cause Im pregnant/ I know its his cousinand thats why hes hanging out with him only, bc before he recognized he was saying how loud and annoying he was for a neighbor (they live right below us).
A: I'm not sure of the effects but why take the chance.
Does Anyone Know The Effects Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant Will Have On The Baby, If Any?
Q: This is a tough subject because since marijuana is illegal (in most places) that there is no offfcial government/medical study on the effects of marijuana smoking on the fetus.I am not asking for opinions, or whether or not you think it is a good idea but what could you expect to possibly happen if you take in marijuana while pregnant?
A: There are no effects other than the effects of cigarette smoke. I know this,I did my research into it at one point in time. The only real risk that's been found is possible low birthweight. I don't smoke anymore,but I know some women that smoked the whole time they were pregnant,their kids were fine. My mom smoked with me,I'm fine. I've not heard of it/found TRUE information on anything but the effects of cigarette smoke,which still isn't good,but yea,that's all they've found. It's unclear if there's anything else. I know they drug test the baby when it's born,and if it's found in their system,they remove the child from the mother. Another thing-you opened a can of worms on here,and half these people have NO idea what they're speaking about. Most studies are done where there are other things that have an effect. Marijuana is a NONCHEMICAL ADDICTING substance,so how they say withdrawl can happen is beyond me.
What are some things that can happen if you smoke marijuana while you're pregnant?
A: Everything bad can happen to you. How about you ask that at your rehab facility that you need to check in you drug addict.

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