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What happens if you ride a rollercoaster while pregnant

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This rigorous activity creates additional jarring forces within the uterus that may lead to premature separation of the MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-ride-a-rollercoaster-while-pregnant ]
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Is it safe to ride a roller coaster while pregnant?
No. That is why they tell you not to at the ride on all of the signs.
Can you ride a roller coaster while being 3 months pregnant??
No, you cannot ride on a roller coaster while 4 months pregnant. If you do you will damage the baby.
What could happen if you were to ride a roller coaster while preg...?
The lap bars or other safety harnesses could actually kill your baby if you were to pushed hard enough against it. Not only that I hear from my doctor that the placenta could actually become detatched from the uterine from the speed that yo...

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