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What happens if you have discharge in your undies

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Are you pregnant? If so call your doctor immediately! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-have-discharge-in-your-undies ]
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Am I pregnant? Thick, white, creamy discharge in undies....??
Thick discharge is not a symptom of pregnancy. Most of us do not ovulate that close to our periods, thankfully. Chances are you are not pregnant. From the first day of your last period, count ahead 28 days, take a test that day. The vagina ...
How can I avoid having discharge on my undies before I have sex??
I have also done that it's a little embarassing too huh? When that started to happen to me I used pantiliners.I would rather keep my panties clean and also stain free.It makes you feel fresh,I could not walk around anywhere with wet discha...
Can guys occationally have a little sperm come out into their und...?
yes it's a normal discharge . but sperm is also discharged when he urinates

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Can your water leak out slowly over a period of a few days?
Q: graphic details...you are warned lolso I'm thought to be 34 weeks. I could be further along I have an appt tomorrow to find out for sure. I would be 36/37 weeks if I was.The past few days I keep having increased discharge..or what I think is discharge. My mom keeps telling me my water is leaking..slowly. I had some heavy discharge and went in to have it checked weeks ago and the doc said it was just excessive and "impressive" discharge. god I felt so dumb lol. anyway....this discharge is a good bit heavier than what I was experiencing before. Yesterday on my way to the bathroom I felt liquid fall out of me and run down my leg..I seriously thought I had peed myself..but when I looked at the liquid it wasn't pee it was watery with white chunks in it. I just thought "wow...impressive indeed" then I told my mom about it today and she was like " sounds like you're leaking water" It didn't happen again for the rest of the day I was just extra moist "down there" I did have a period like backache all day long which isn't as bad today. then today I was squatting to pick up something up off the floor and I felt more liquid just fall out of me...and i just feel extra moist.It's not soaking thru my undies or anything...I can feel it happening and it highly annoying. So is it possible that my water could be leaking very slowly?? just wondering. I should mention that the discharge had never run down my leg until yesterday
A: The best way to tell if it is your fluid is to smell it ( as gross as it sounds ). If it smells sweet then its your fluid. Yes its possible to leak slowly. Usually a trickle down your leg means you are leaking fluid. I would call your OB right away. If you go for too long it increases your chances of an infection. The white chunks sound like it could have been your mucus plug. Good Luck!
I had my period for like 1 hour and now its gone? Please help!?
Q: Okay, I am 14 and I got my first period in April. I was supposed to get my next period on October 1st but I didn't. Instead on thursday night (October 4th) I had a very small drop of blood/discharge mixture in my undies and I went to the bathroom and only had a very minimal amount when I wiped. All last night and Friday (so far) I have not had any signs of my period. It is like it vanished! Anyway, I am going to a party all day tomorrow and I don't know if I am going to have my period or not. has this ever happened to you? What happened? When did you get your real period? Was that my real period?You don't need to answer all of those questions, but just some information would be nice.I am not sexually active, so there is no way I can be pregnant, and I am not on the pill nor want to be on the pill just to let you know.Thanks so much!Today at 4;00 when I wiped there was a clearish/ really really light brown discharge... what is that?
A: Don't worry. You just started with your period and your schedule will be off for about 2 years. I got mine over a year ago and I'm still not on a regular schedual. What you had may have been nothing. I get this sometimes, too, but it is most likely not your period. My mom told me this is normal. Since you're going to a party tomorrow, I would stick a pantyliner on your underwear. Since my schedule is still off, I wear a pantyliner everday, just because I don't know when I will get it. And it's never let me down...it keeps the blood from soaking through my underwear when I get my period and I'm not expecting it. Hope I helped you...I know how it feels...I'm 14, too. =]
I am soo stressed, please help?
Q: Okay, about 3 months ago I wore these jeans that were tight and umcomfortable, and it was my first time wearing jeans. I'm 14, virgin, by the way. Then I got this dark yellow - green discharge. I stopped wearing them a while after. Then it started to itch. It still itches today. I didn't see cottage cheese discharge, tho. I thought it was a yeast infection from the answers I got on Yahoo, so throughout the 2 months, I ate TONS, and I mean TONS of yogurt...like 300g a day, or at least once a day for 3 weeks. The itching went down by a lot. I drank a lot of cranberry juice, and nothing happened. I tried to stick that Monistat ovule in my vagina, but I had way too much trouble, so I threw it out and kept the cream. I used the cream and nothing happened, except the redness went away. Then I stayed away from tight pants the WHOLE TIME, and everything. My mom said I needed better hygiene. So I tried to clean it better. Now I only clean my pubes, libia majora, outside of my vagina, the outside of my urethra, and my anus. Nothing happened. I tried changing the bath scrub thing you use, and nothing happened. I tried sticking to soaps that weren't too scented. I tried Vagisil cream, and nothing happened. One time, I even had a 'Water and baking soda' drink!! THAT DID NOTHING. So about a little over a week ago, I went to the doctor and I told him it was itchy, and he was like, "Any discharge?" But I'm Asian, but the doctor spoke english well. And I was like...noo, no white discharge. But my mom has seen my undies before and she said there was some. I'm guessing she understood him because they were speaking in chinese. So he gave me this prescription cream to use externally, and he said the cream will slowly go to my vagina. He said it would heal in 7-10 days. The first few days, the itching went down. By the 6th, it came back. And now it's pretty much the same. Actually, the itching went down by like...2% -_-. It's the 11th day now. But yesterday, I started to get blood in my poop when going to the washroom, and blood on the toilet paper. And sometimes when I do #1, there's like...1 drip of blood. Probably from my vagina or something. But my period ended 10 days ago. And today, I did #2 again, and there was still blood. But this time I also noticed this off-white coloured discharge on my underwear? And it sort of thick...not too thick, but sort of. I was confused. Then I told my mom and started yelling at her because I was so stressed. Then she said that I should clean better. I yelled at her again because I already tried that before. Then when I showed her the discharge, she was like, "Oh no, that's normal! It means your period is coming." BUT I TOLD HER SO MANY TIMES IT ENDED 10 DAYS AGO. And I doubt period come that fast, especially since the blood is in the toilet when I do #2, not my undies. So I'm going INSANE here. I'm still using the cream, tho. I don't know if this is a yeast infection, bacterial, or if this is normal. And what's wrong with my anus?! It hurts a little when I go to the washroom, but I'm SOOO stressed with school and all of this shit. Please help. Don't say go to the doctor because I'M TRYING TO GO AGAIN. I don't want the doctor to touch me either. So I'm not gonna let him. What do you think my problem is?!
A: first of all you need to calm your nerves. Your body is probably reacting to the stress that you have in school and your vaginal issue. If it doesn't hurt while you pee its obviously not an infection. Maybe since you have been using all these different creams and eating all these different foods... you body is responding to all the different ingrdeients. I think you need to listen to the doctor and continue to use the cream that he gave you. Don't stress too much about and give it some time. Plus stress can give you irregular periods... so there is a chance that you are getting your period again.But you did make a point by saying why is it that there is no blood on your undies but blood when you push out. If you are bleeding when pushing out then there is a problem enternally. The problem varies so I'm sorry but I am going to have tell you to go to your doctor and explain the bleeding. He wont be able to see or touch you since it is a problem dealing with you going to the bathroom. Just explain the situation and he will tell you what the problem is about all the anal bleeding. This could be something serious so ... make sure you go to the doctor asap.but about the discharge.. don't stress too much.. as long as it doesn't hurt while you pee or there are no bumps then you are fine.

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