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What happens if you give blood right before you find out your pregnant

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Although no problems have been reported, the safety of donating blood during or shortly after pregnancy has not been fully MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-give-blood-right-before-you-find-out-your-pregnant ]
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What happens if you give blood right before you find out your pre...?
Although no problems have been reported, the safety of donating blood during or shortly after pregnancy has not been fully MORE?

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5 days late.. help!!! what did you feel like right before finding out you are prego?
Q: I am 5 days late for my period and feeling a bit crampy... i dont know if its AF coming or early pregnancy signs??I also have cold/flu like symptoms that just started a day or so ago.. my chest is also sore on and off... I have a 28 day cycle and i am 5 days late as of today!.. i did have unprotected sex on all my most fertile days in june (last AF was june 5th.)I did take a FRER with first pee of the day on july 1st and it was negative... I do have 1 son already and with him, i never got a positive test early on, and at the Dr., he gave me 4 urine tests which all came back inconclusive, and finally the blood test came back positive..could that be happening again? maybe i don't produce enough HcG early on for a home/pee test to detect?what did you all feel like before find out you were indeed pregnant? what were your first symptoms early on? I just feel so off, and blah mostly! its aggravating!help! and thanks!
A: Because of the cold I wouldn't be too excited about being pregnant. Anxiety on top of a cold too, will delay your cycle.
What was your reaction/story to finding out you were pregnant?
Q: I do not have periods without medication. In fact, I have a severe hormone defiency disorder and was told I could not get pregnant on my own. I have been diagnosed with infertility (do not ovulate, blocked tubes, pcos, etc) and my husband and I have sought treatment with no + outcomes. I had given up and decided to wait several years before trying again with IVF. My last period was a medicated induced period 04/10/2008. I had not had a period since. During the first two weeks of February I did not feel right. I just felt off. My breasts were sore, my appetite had increased and I was experiencing nausea and I was very emotional. My husband said, "Do you think you could be pregnant". I looked at him like he was crazy! NO!! Of COURSE NOT. I'm probably just hormonal!!! Well.. I thought more about it and decided to wait 1 more week and if I still felt funny then I would test. The following Friday came (Feb 20th, 2009) and my husband texted me and said, "Go get a test on lunch." I was like, "What for". He replied, "I'm excited". I was saddened by his excitement. I just knew that another BFN was going to happen, another disappointment, and another smack in my face telling me that I AM NOT PREGNANT. I went on my lunch break, went to Walgreen's, and for the first time debated which to get. I couldn't decided on the one test or two test pack so I called my husband. He told me to get the 2 pack First Response and to take one when I got back to work. So we talked and I cried. I cried about my thoughts on just taking it. (Like I said I had been emotional) Well.. I get back to work.. Pee on it.. Wiped and hesitated to look but I did and my mouth almost hit the floor when I saw those 2 blue lines. I was in SHOCK to say the least. I took the test, put it in my purse, left work early and drove straight to my husband. He too was surprised but so happy. We went to dinner at Chili's and the next morning (Sat.) I tested again with first morning urine and got a dark BFP. Monday came had blood work which was positive. My doctors was surprised too. He started me on progesterone (just to cover the basis my level was actually decent (28) for the diagnoses that my body DOES NOT produce progesterone). The nurse called and scheduled me for a 6 week sonogram on March 9th when we saw a strong heart beat and heard it. My last appointment was 05/15 @ 16 weeks and everything sounded great on the doppler. I will go for my 20 week level 2 on 06/12 and hopefully will know if this miracle inside of me will be a boy or girl. What's your story?I'm due Oct. 31st!
A: First of all, we didn't know if we would be able to conceive due to my husband having lung cancer in 2001 which he beat. Unfortunately, the radiation and kemo can affect the sperms. It is truly a blessing we could conceive.Well, I was about to get into the shower when I decided, for the heck of it, I was going to take a pregnancy test before the shower. I normally get my period in the early am, now it was about 10ish in the morn, so I took the test. It was a digital test and after peeing on it, I set it on the edge of the tub. About two minutes went by and I looked and I had a yes. I was in complete and utter disbelief. My hubby and I had been trying for 3 months and I got discouraged everytime my period came (usually right after I tested to). We quit trying since we were going on vacation a couple months later and the following month is when the test came back positive. I was ecstatic.I called my hubby, once he answered the phone at work, and I told him about it. He thought I was "yanking" his chain which I would never joke about that. He was elated to. Since I couldn't get ahold of him at first, my mom found out before my husband....but he should have answered the phone. I bought a rattle, a card, and put my pregnancy test on the counter so he would see it when he got home, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut long enough. Just to be certain, I took a couple more tests.Then we went to my first appt at 8w 6d and had a t/v u/s done. We found out we were having twins. Both were in the same sac, sharing a placenta, and were identical. One was 2w smaller in size though. We went back two weeks later and unfortunately lost the smaller baby. I feel truly blessed to be carrying what appears to be a very healthy baby.27w 6d with a precious baby girl and time is flying by!
When a person throws away their dreams to give to the needy for many years, is it wrong to expect anything?
Q: I would like your thoughts on what you would do if this happened to you. The set up: The train I take home everyday stopped a station before mine and everyone was shuffled off. No more passanger trains where going to my station (this is not the problem). A sweet young lady was also panic on how to get to out stop. I normally would not do this but I asked to use her phone. I called my sister. My sister who had no place to live and 8 mos. pregnant with two young kids. Her husband was sleeping with another woman. I took her in and gave up a lot of things that made me happy. 1 year passes and her now ex-husband starts living in my house with the same girlfriend ( a woman who had her 3 month old permanently removed for having cuts and gashes on the child, she said he was playing on the counter and fell into the knife drawer) I stood up for my sister and kicked them out, I got a bigger house, completly throwing my dreams away. I paid for school for the kids, food, clothes, toys, all utilities, cable, internet a second computer and the list goes on. I can't go out and meet people because I am raising a family. 5 years ahead her ex-husband gets out of jail and moves in. Year 6 month 4. I am trapped in another town. by car it would haave taken 15 minutes each way, She said, " I don't feel like it, I am want to finishe this movie and go to bed, let me check with (my ex-husband) No sorry he'd too tired too. Sorry Good luck!". with th sun going down I knew the only sure fire way I would make it to my station was to walk the tracks. My back has been in bad shape but after two hours I could not feel anything. I exhausted my water supply as crossed into the third hour but looked like I just climbed out of a pool. It was total darkness everywhere the only sound was from my cain hitting the rail and I hear movement in the fields. My empty mind froze trying to keep the reality out but it did not last. I am walking through coyote and wolf territories. The only idea that crossed my mind was play possum. Street lights tempted me to come off the rocky tracks but I continued knowing that right now I am going in the 100% correct direction. I was a small level above sleep walking and I saw lights then it hit, there is a train coming!! I looked over the edge a good 8 foot drop into sharp rocks and looking behind me- I had 0 time to find a safer place and I leaped. 5 hours 47 minutes I laid in bed. I am slow to anger but I was angry, I was too tired to do anything but have tears roll down my face. Everyone was sound asleep when I got home. No one cared if I was going to make it okay or not. I woke up and realized most of the sweat I was wiping out of my eyes was blood. My face, neck, shoulder and legs were cut or punctured. My eye is swollen shut. My sister walked passed my room look at me for a second and just left for work. If I never moved in with her I would be living it up. Money supporting 6 - supporting one, during the prime of life, before I broke my back, when vacation meant time off to go on my yearly trips with my friends. Spending weekends in the city or going diving. I leave immediately and my sister's credit is ruined. I raised those kids and don't want to walk out on them. I feel guilty for wishing I had a life, but I am angry this time. Not about a lost youth, not about lost money, or living paycheck to paycheck, Not about ever taking a vacation. I think I am angry that they happily take my money and don't care. I don't want to be an ATM machine anymore, but I am held back by feeling selfish. here is my conflictionWhen did I stop giving without a reason?Is it right to start mentally demanding a little appriciation?Should it matter if anyone cares about my life and safety?Am I just being selfish?I pay for the house and have the smallest room with no heat, no A/C. All my belongings are in boxes because I have no room and if I ask for some space downstairs I am told no. I was given an amount of money that they would need if I died and pressured into buying a half a million insurance policy for them on me. I was told that they needed extra money. I started to work overtime and I found out I was paying for my sister to go back to school. Thank you for reading this. Thank you a million times over for answering.
A: Quit being such a doormat. You're enabling these people by supporting them. Make them stand on their own feet, and you work on taking care of yourself.

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