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What happens if you get pregnant while on birth control? And how do you know if your pregnant

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A female can become pregnant while taking birth control precautions. Home pregnancy tests are available. Consult your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-get-pregnant-while-on-birth-control%3F-and-how-do-you-know-if-your-pregnant ]
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Do you know anybody that got pregnant while taking birth control ...?
Yes I do. She was taking it properly as well. Granted it was her 6th child and her and her husband are incredibly fertile. They now use natural family panning and have had no more unwanted pregnancies. You just have to understand that no ma...
How do I get pregnant while using birth control pills?(trust me I...?
I know you have good intentions, but this is a bad idea. If your husband is not ready for a baby, than don't try yet! You have to give him time! This was me a year ago when I got engaged. He kept waving back and forth between, "okay I'...
Do you know anyone who has ever got pregnant while on birth contr...?
My sister just found out she was 27 weeks pregnantand she had been taking the pill the whole time. Now the baby is okay, but she is lucky that it is. She never gained any weight and didn't know she was pregnant at all. It is very harmful to...

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who here has gotten pregnant on YAZ while taking it perfectly?
Q: i'm just curious because i started Yaz birth control a month and a half ago. i liked it so don't say "oh it's so bad for you blah blah blah." i've seen the commercials lol.i have HEARD that although people can get pregnant on birth control, Yaz has a higher failure rate.please answer these questions if it has happened to you.1. how long were you on Yaz before you got pregnant??2. were you taking it on time, everyday??3. could antibiotics have affected it?? [were you on antibiotics]4. what were your first symptoms before you tested, if any??5. do you know anyone who has also got pregnant on it?? and were they taking it perfectly??6. if you weren't on Yaz, what were you on??Yaz takers are preferred to answer this, but if anyone else has a story from another birth control you can share it. =]i will be reading all answers, even if there are alot. so if there are alot of answers, please don't be discouraged to answer it yourself.DON'T ANSWER THIS QUESTION IF IT DOESN'T APPLY TO YOU. my gosh people.
A: i'm not on yaz im on a different one but i know someone who is on yaz and did get pregnant from it.. but everyone is different how they react to the pill..
When should I expect my period after only one month on a low-dose birth control pill? Could I be pregnant?
Q: I'm sorry if this long entry confuses anyone, but I am trying to be as detailed as possible. I am also posting this in the pregnancy forum because I imagine that there could be a small chance of pregnancy in my situation.I was on OrthoTricyclen Lo for one month. I started taking the pill on 12-7-2008 and completed that packet, but I did NOT start taking the second pack. While on the pill, I spotted a couple times, but I figured that this was because my body was getting used to the hormones, as I had NEVER taken any form of artificial hormones up until that point. I started my period on either December 23 or 24, and it lasted until about January 1 or 2. It was somewhat of a heavy flow, but once again, I attributed that to the fact that this was my first time ever taking artificial hormones. Also, I did miss the two pills on December 21 and 22, but I made up for that by taking two pills on December 23 and 24th.I was due to resume my second packet of pills on January 4, but I have not taken any pills since the two that I took on December 24. Theoretically, had I taken this packet, I would be on the placebo pills this week, meaning that I would be on my period right now. I did not continue taking the pill because I decided that I no longer wanted to be on the pill since I found it to be a hassle and learned that they don‘t allow you to have “real periods,” but you have withdrawal bleeding instead. I’ve simply decided that I would rather stick to using condoms and spermicide.When I was first prescribed the pill, I was told that most women menstruate shortly after stopping the pill (some even sooner than expected), but sometimes it can take up to three months. I assume that this goes for women who have been on the pill for a substantial amount of time, as I originally told my doctor that I planned to be on the pill for a while. I don’t understand how a low-dose pill would be able to screw up my menstrual cycle after only one month of use, especially since my menstrual cycles have been fairly regular since I started it when I was 9, and I am now 23.I have not had any heavy vaginal bleeding since my period ended. I had protected sex on January 24 (Saturday), and on Sunday, when I wiped after using the bathroom, there was a huge GLOB of whitish-almost slightly pinkish/greenish mucus on the toilet paper. It was gigantic, almost as big as a quarter in diameter. There was a tiny reddish-brownish streak of blood in the middle of it. On January 27 (Tuesday), I wiped once that day and some of my mucus was slightly pink. Since then, I have had no form of bleeding or spotting whatsoever.At first, I was told that after one week of regular pill usage, I’d be able to have unprotected sex, but I have since heard that it takes at least one packet of pills to build up enough hormones in your body for the pill to be truly effective. I don’t know what to believe. I did have unprotected sex a couple times while I was on the pill. Before the last couple days, I took the pill perfectly -- I never missed a dose, and I took every one at 9 pm exactly. I did have unprotected sex a couple days before missing those two pills, but I don’t really think I could be pregnant because I have not had any early pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness. Since stopping the pill, I have not had unprotected sex.So, in summary, here are my basic questions:1. Has anyone out there ever been in a similar situation? If so, how did it turn out? Any advice or thoughts?2. How long would it normally take someone who was on a low dose pill for one month to get their period after stopping the pill?3. What could the light spotting and extra mucus discharge this week possibly be due to?4. I have not taken a pregnancy test yet, but I may soon. Is there seriously a small chance that I may be pregnant through all this? Has anyone out there ever had something similar happen to them?Thanks in advance for any help or answers!
A: Stop wasting our time and go take a dang test.
Does Birth Control Work?
Q: Okay, lets get this straight...I don't want to hear your life stories.I don't want your lectures.I don't want you telling ME what to do.Okay, My girlfriend is on YAZMIN, and she has been for a month and a bit now. She hasn't had any signs of it not working, like...throwing up, spotting, etc. She just got her period, so thats a sign its working (Right?). So, we DO want o have sex without a condom (no lectures.) but we want to know about some stuff first. So, what i wanna know is... 1. How do you know its really working? (Dont tell me, oh if she doesnt get pregnant, then thats 100%, yeah...like I dont already know that?) 2. I've heard stories about how people get pregnant when on bc, but thats because its usually THEIR faults. (not taking it everyday, or antibiotics) so what are the chances of it happening even without the faults of missing or taking antibiotics.3. What are the chances of NOT getting pregnant, while your girlfriend is on bc, but you DO NOT wear a condom?
A: Birth control used properly is 92-99% effective at preventing pregnancy. It should be taken the same time everyday. It prevents eggs from maturing and being released.Everyone has heard stories of it failing. It is not common though. Check out the website below and make your own judgement call. I know you don't want personal stories, but I have been own the pill for seven years and I have never used condoms or gotten pregnant. In the end it is your call and risk. I hope this helps.

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