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What does your pee look like when your pregnant

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Urine should look the same as when you're not pregnant. If it's cloudy, it may be because you have an infection. ChaCha soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-your-pee-look-like-when-your-pregnant ]
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What does your pee look like when your pregnant
Urine should look the same as when you're not pregnant. If it's cloudy, it may be because you have an infection. ChaCha soon!

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How can you tell if your mom is pregnant, 12 kids already?
Q: i'm just wondering, really, if she is prego, she'll be telling us soon, but (without personally asking), is there a way i can found out? i'm wondering because she won't eat anything except peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches (and i mean nothing), she pee's every 2 seconds (or it seems like), and she keeps looking at all of our (us other kids) baby pictures. i've seen it all before when she had my bro Noah (14 mo.), but I'm just wondering... If she does it'll be baby # 13. (I'm the oldsest at 15, but before you get on your whole hype just and just to let you know, 5 my mom had, 7 were adopted, we're not living off the government, my father supports ALL of us. and no, my parents don't leave me as head babysitter and the "parent". i actually do almost nothing with the kids except hang out and play with them. and we go to public school, none of this homeschool stuff), so just to let you know before you ask. so what do you think, is she pregnant?
A: well being the oldest of 5, i'd say it kinda sounds like she is. but you can't be sure until you ask, or she tells you
Did you go through this when you were pregnant with your first child?
Q: I'm going to be 34 weeks pregnant on saturday. Tuesday night i woke up at around 1 am with really bad cramping and i was having a contraction that lasted for about 20 min, after that i fell back asleep.Wednesday When i woke up i had breakfast and half of a 46 oz bottle of water and then another 16 oz. Then at 11am i had to go to wal-mart to go shopping with my mother in law, and as soon as i stood up i had a lot of pressure down there,and every time i walk my stomach would get really tight and hurt really bad,there kinda like period cramps but worse. So when i got home i talked to the nurse and she told me to drink another 16oz of water and lay on my left side until i have to leave for my ob/gyn appointment at 4pm. Well, the pain never stopped i wrote down each time i got a contraction and they were 20 min long and 12 min apart before i got to the doctors office.At 3pm i was at my ob/gyn's office and they took me in asap, they checked my cervix which is softer then normal is what the midwife said,but my cervix is closed. They put me on this machine that tells when i'm having a contraction and what the baby's heartbeat is. They kept me on that for about 30 min,then they sent me to the hospital.I got to the hospital at 4:30pm and they had me change into a gown,pee in a cup, and lay on the bed, asked me some questions, then they hooked me up to that machine again and gave me a cup of water. I was having pretty strong contractions. At about almost 6 o'clock the ob/gyn came in and looked at the baby's heartbeat which was rangeing from 147-160,and all she said was baby sounds good. she didn't even talk about the contractions and she could tell i was in pain,but she claims it's from dehydration, but i don't understand how it could be from that, i drink water as much as i can, you never see me with a water bottle in my hand unless i can't take it to someplace.I still have the pain all night and right now,their not as bad, but they still hurt. My next ob/gyn appointment is Oct 29 and i'll be almost 36 weeks along then. But i talked to my mom and my sister, they both have kids,and they told me that they should have done more then what they did.I just wanted to know if anyone has experianced this before in their pregnancy? and did anything help at all?
A: They sound like Braxton-Hicks contractions. They're preparation contractions that prepare you!
What was your reaction/story to finding out you were pregnant?
Q: I do not have periods without medication. In fact, I have a severe hormone defiency disorder and was told I could not get pregnant on my own. I have been diagnosed with infertility (do not ovulate, blocked tubes, pcos, etc) and my husband and I have sought treatment with no + outcomes. I had given up and decided to wait several years before trying again with IVF. My last period was a medicated induced period 04/10/2008. I had not had a period since. During the first two weeks of February I did not feel right. I just felt off. My breasts were sore, my appetite had increased and I was experiencing nausea and I was very emotional. My husband said, "Do you think you could be pregnant". I looked at him like he was crazy! NO!! Of COURSE NOT. I'm probably just hormonal!!! Well.. I thought more about it and decided to wait 1 more week and if I still felt funny then I would test. The following Friday came (Feb 20th, 2009) and my husband texted me and said, "Go get a test on lunch." I was like, "What for". He replied, "I'm excited". I was saddened by his excitement. I just knew that another BFN was going to happen, another disappointment, and another smack in my face telling me that I AM NOT PREGNANT. I went on my lunch break, went to Walgreen's, and for the first time debated which to get. I couldn't decided on the one test or two test pack so I called my husband. He told me to get the 2 pack First Response and to take one when I got back to work. So we talked and I cried. I cried about my thoughts on just taking it. (Like I said I had been emotional) Well.. I get back to work.. Pee on it.. Wiped and hesitated to look but I did and my mouth almost hit the floor when I saw those 2 blue lines. I was in SHOCK to say the least. I took the test, put it in my purse, left work early and drove straight to my husband. He too was surprised but so happy. We went to dinner at Chili's and the next morning (Sat.) I tested again with first morning urine and got a dark BFP. Monday came had blood work which was positive. My doctors was surprised too. He started me on progesterone (just to cover the basis my level was actually decent (28) for the diagnoses that my body DOES NOT produce progesterone). The nurse called and scheduled me for a 6 week sonogram on March 9th when we saw a strong heart beat and heard it. My last appointment was 05/15 @ 16 weeks and everything sounded great on the doppler. I will go for my 20 week level 2 on 06/12 and hopefully will know if this miracle inside of me will be a boy or girl. What's your story?I'm due Oct. 31st!
A: First of all, we didn't know if we would be able to conceive due to my husband having lung cancer in 2001 which he beat. Unfortunately, the radiation and kemo can affect the sperms. It is truly a blessing we could conceive.Well, I was about to get into the shower when I decided, for the heck of it, I was going to take a pregnancy test before the shower. I normally get my period in the early am, now it was about 10ish in the morn, so I took the test. It was a digital test and after peeing on it, I set it on the edge of the tub. About two minutes went by and I looked and I had a yes. I was in complete and utter disbelief. My hubby and I had been trying for 3 months and I got discouraged everytime my period came (usually right after I tested to). We quit trying since we were going on vacation a couple months later and the following month is when the test came back positive. I was ecstatic.I called my hubby, once he answered the phone at work, and I told him about it. He thought I was "yanking" his chain which I would never joke about that. He was elated to. Since I couldn't get ahold of him at first, my mom found out before my husband....but he should have answered the phone. I bought a rattle, a card, and put my pregnancy test on the counter so he would see it when he got home, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut long enough. Just to be certain, I took a couple more tests.Then we went to my first appt at 8w 6d and had a t/v u/s done. We found out we were having twins. Both were in the same sac, sharing a placenta, and were identical. One was 2w smaller in size though. We went back two weeks later and unfortunately lost the smaller baby. I feel truly blessed to be carrying what appears to be a very healthy baby.27w 6d with a precious baby girl and time is flying by!

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