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What does it mean when your cat has a hard stomach

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The cat could be pregnant, it ate a lot or it has internal bleeding which would be a medical emergency. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-your-cat-has-a-hard-stomach ]
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What does it mean if my cats stomach and nipples are hard? Is she...?
It could be any number of things. Infection, worms, pregnancy, parasites etc...IF you are worried you NEED to take her the the VET. No one on here can see her stomach or nipples nor can we feel them, so we are unequipped to tell you what is...
What if your cats stomach feels hard?
please, please take your cat to the vet (just to make sure everything is ok). & make sure you take them regularly for checkups. It will save you alot of heartache, my kitty's stomach became hard, it seems like all of a sudden, & i...
Why is my cats stomach area so hard?
Is his sister his "sister" or his housemate? If there is an age difference this could be why. If not has he had a stool sample done? If he has intestinal parasites these could cause his stomach to be bloated and "hard."...

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HELP!!my cat what do i do?
Q: help!i feel soo badi got my cat in jan 2005 and my cat was 6now she is 10 and a halfhe has had realy bad diarhea and vomiting for a week.we took her to the vet and they said they could feel a lump.they gave her medicen and she finished itthat cost £100my parents are in very bad debt now because of loans and tax and the mortgagethe vet said that if her vomit and diarhea didnt stop we must take her backbut one consultation costs £35 and my parents dont have the moneywe dont qualify for the blue cross because my parents dont have benefits.my cat had stoped vomiting, but still has the diarheanot sometimes i see her sitting with her but raised off the floor and her tail is realy stiff and not movimg , and then after 10 mins she is ok againplease help im 13 i dunno what to do!my parents keep saying this is all my fault and they are not going to take her to the vet coz they dont have enough money for clothes, let alone to 'waste on that stupid cat'i know the best thing to do is to give her up but i just cant i love her too much. and besides, she is old and no one will want her she is my best friend and i dont know what i will do without herwhat does it mean when she is sitting with her tail realy straight and not moving and her but is off the floor and she is leaning forwards. also her stomach is realy swolen and hardmy parents arent gonna take her to a vet and i cant give her upwhat does it mean??when she strains like that?they dont belive me when i said the vet will not let my cat suffer and wil let us pay in installmentsthey shout and say 'THEY WONT LET YOU PAY IN INSTALLMENTS THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!!'i think im gonna cry :( they say im killing my poor cat!do you know anywhere in london where i can take her for cheap treatment?im realy scared she might die ;'(i live in north west london in englandthe pdsa says that we can only register if we get benefits, but my parents dont get any benefits or council tax income or anything like that :(Sam H im sorry if this sounds rude but the pdsa will only help if we get financial help from the government, but we dont so i cant register with themalso no one in my family gets it eitherSam H im sorry if this sounds rude but the pdsa will only help if we get financial help from the government, but we dont so i cant register with themalso no one in my family gets it either
A: Telephone your vet's office and ask them for advice over the phone. Perhaps if you were to explain the financial situation to them, they may be willing to offer a payment plan.The Celia Hammond Animal Trust has clinics in Lewisham and Canning Town. I know these are not NW London, but they do offer low cost treatments to those people who don't meet the RSPCA or PDSA requirements. It's worth giving them a call as they may be able to help, or refer you to a vet closer to where you live who can help.http://www.celiahammond.org/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=4&MMN_position=12:12
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A: I think this is actually pretty good. There are a few spelling and punctuation errors, and at the end when you said "relativity" i think you meant "relatively." That phrase, actually, "relatively openly" is a little awkward for what you're trying to get at, I think. Maybe you could say "without retaliation" "calmly" "not trying to escape?" If that's what you're getting at. But overall, I thought this was pretty good.

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