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What does it mean when you feel dizzy and nausea

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Could you be pregnant it may be drop in blood pressure,eat more whole grains,dairy,& less sugar.It it persists go see your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-feel-dizzy-and-nausea ]
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What does it mean when you feel dizzy and nausea
Could you be pregnant it may be drop in blood pressure,eat more whole grains,dairy,& less sugar.It it persists go see your doctor.
What Does It Mean If You Feel Lower Backaches,Dizziness And Nause...?
Brain tumors produce a variety of symptoms, ranging from headache to stroke. They are great mimics of other neurologic disorders. Symptoms occur if the tumor directly damages the nerves in the brain or central nervous system or if its growt...

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What does it mean when your lower back and stomach hurt and you're throwing up alot?
Q: i went to the er 2 times and they say i have gallstones and that i need my gallbladder removed. but i don't think they're right. today alone i've thrown up 7 times in a matter of 4 to 5 hours. i feel dizzy, lightheaded, and have nausea and vomiting. i always feel like i'm going to fall asleep, but i'm not sleepy tired, and my hands shake sometimes (not like a seizure kind of shaking, but more like nervous shaking).Someone please help so i can try to figure out what's wrong and can get healthier and take care of my 14 month old daughter...Thank you very much to whomever help.
A: YOU MIGHT ALSO HAVE KIDNEY STONE(S) You should talk to your dr!
what does it mean when you have these stomach symptoms?
Q: It's not just stomach problems but a chain reaction of problems but no matter what I do it won't go away... 3 weeks ago I thought I couldn't go to the bathroom (#2) and then I had really bad gas problems. I do have a eating disorder but I started to eat again and it still proceeded with the pains. Went to the Hospital and they just recognized the disorder and not the pains. I did some research and all I got was that it could be a ovarian cyst or I'm feeling early signs of pregnancy ( I took a test but I think it was way too early for me to take it and the results weren't correct.) Last night my husband and I were lying down and I kept feeling a "thump" like a baby pushing or kicking inside. My husband put his hand where I was moving and he said that he felt it moving around. Now I'm worried I'm pregnant or that was just gas traveling around. I'm going to the doctors on Monday but I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about it....Symptoms:from the beginning to present*Bloating*Constipation*Severe headaches*joint and muscle pain (sore)*dizzy nausea
A: Wow. Good for you for resolving your eating disorder. Your problems could all come from that. You really do harm to your body when you either don't eat, or don't eat right. Unless you are a good 16 weeks or more pregnant, you are not feeling a baby move in your belly. It would be like crazy impossible. If you are a really skinny person, it could be gas moving around. Your best bet is to wait patiently for the doctor to tell you what is going on with your body. If you worry about it now, or listen to too many different opinions, it will just make you crazy.My advice...... Relax, enjoy the weekend (hopefully, you will feel up to it.) and see the doctor on Monday.
Is it possible for me to be pregnant? Does this sound right?..?
Q: My boyfriend has been out of town for a while now.. he came back home on March 13th. It was the last day of my period. We had unprotected sex on the 15, and 16th.(first time i'd had sex in TWO Months!!) He had to leave town again. He came back on the 20th, we had sex.. So, thursday the 26th rolls around and all of a sudden I have to pee at 8am, that is VERY UNUSUAL for me.. My body lets me sleep, when I wake up that's when i have to pee. I pee'd several times during the day. As soon as I got out of bed I was sooo dizzy. I mean I felt like I was drunk or something. Staggering through the house to the bathroom. I felt very very sick to my stomach. My blood sugar and blood pressure was fine. According to http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_early_can_pregnancy_symptoms_startyou can have very early symptoms. But I want to know what you guys think? I've been taking nursing classes and I know certain things can make you feel this way.. Allergies, flu, etc. But other than the dizzyness/nausea I felt great. No sinus problems or anything.But now I haven't had any breast tenderness?! If i was pregnant wouldn't I? or would that start early on? By the 26th was that enough time for implantation to take place? HELP. thanks in advance.
A: Hi anything is possible, just before i found out i was pregnant (at 4 weeks) i had sore breasts a few days before and completely went off all food. Only at week 8 did i start with morning sickness and haven't had sore breasts since about week 5. I think the moral of the story is everyone is different and have different symptoms at different stages. I also had period type cramping and didn't think i was pregnant at all because of this, it was only because of being late i done a test.Good luck

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