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What does it mean when you dream about someone being pregnant

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Pregnancy dreams are common & usually represents a new beginning in your life. It is generally very positive & indicates growth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-dream-about-someone-being-pregnant ]
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What Does It Mean If You Dream Of Someone Being Pregnant??
It just means that someone in your family maybe pregnant or planning on getting pregnant.
What Does It Mean When Someone Has A Dream Of You Being Pregnant??
What does it mean if I have a dream of YOU being pregnant? Time to a get a good story together.
What does being pregnant in a dream mean?
To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it.� This may also represent the birth of a new idea, dire...

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What does it mean when you keep dreaming about someone being pregnant?
Q: I've already had two or three dreams that my friend is pregnant. I don't know why! We are only 17. Can this mean anything?I don't remember the other two dreams, but the most recent one, we were shopping for baby clothes for a little boy. And she was saying something about how she's keeping the baby and not putting it up for adoption.I know some dreams mean nothing, kthx. I am asking if this one does.
A: Normally pregnancy dream could mean desire, fear or long term responsibilities. However, in your case, you projected that to your friend instead of you. That may indicate something related to your social life.Projecting her being pregnant and shopping for baby clothes for a little boy may show sign of readiness you want to get into. However, this recurring dream basically reflects something you want to get ready for it but you may not be ready for it yet. You just projected to someone else because deep down you feel the need for support, it is a reflection of support you are looking. In conclusion, you want to be ready, and you want to have support about things that may be coming to you even you expect that it may happen.
What does it mean when you dream someone wants you pregnant?
Q: Okay, so me and this guy have been liking each other for about 2 months now. No moves have been made but i know he likes me and he knows i like him. Lately he's been acting kind of jealous whenever i'm around other guys...he even hurt this one guy for putting his arm and head on me. WE HAVEN'T EVEN KISSED YET, but i have the feeling that it's coming soon.Anyway, last night i dreamt that he came over with the UPS guy. I found it a bit weird so i let him in then went back to the door to receive my package. When i opened it, it was a pregnancy test. I was really shocked because IM ONLY 16, therefore babies don't even CROSS my mind (only when im wishing for my older sister to have one so i can be an aunt already!). When i showed him what i got, he smiled and said "That's only part one", and handed me a little stick with some white stuff in it. I came to realization what his gift was, he wanted me to inject myself with sperm, check if im pregnant, and then have his baby. I felt a bit disgusted at his thought of us having kids when we've never even kissed. At that moment my ex boyfriend, who i had lasted a year with, walked into the room and looked at me with a very sad face. I felt so confused i just ran into the living room where i found my sister and told her about his crazy idea. She then told me that since he is Catholic, he needs to have a lot of kids. That i should feel lucky that he found me at such an early age so now we can start making babies. Also that i should appreciate this act of "love" and "respect" he has shown me by not having sex with me. I was getting really frustrated so i ran back to him, just when he was staring at my ex with hatred, and my ex took one final look at me and said "good luck" and left. I began to yell at him at which point he began to explain that i HAVE to have his kids. Pretty much this kept going on until i went to the bathroom and threw out his injection.WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?the part of my ex being there is so weird because i HAVE been having feelings for him again, but i also like this new guy, my ex made me go through too much. then again i feel im just too young to be worrying about this all, i just want to know what this weird dream meant.
A: I think this is kinda good. It means your okay to move on from your ex, you should move on from him. The baby thing can mean something else, like this new guy wants to be closer to you (and vise versa). Your sister saying "appreciate this act of "love" and "respect" he has shown me by not having sex" I think is a good sign because you feel this guy really cares about you and will wait to have sex or babies for when you're ready.
What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?
Q: I had this dream that this guy that I made out with like a month ago who is friends with my brother was dying. What does that mean? My dad always said that a death meant someone was pregnant in the family?I really doubt it's because I like the guy because I doubt I would be dreaming that hes dying.I just thought about the guy who was dying in my dream. Well he's an alcoholic but he also plays sports. He has also been in a fire related accident, where he was in a coma for a week, and he had really severe burns on his face and arms. He luckily came back. His parents wanted him to go to rehab, but he didn’t go. That’s why I’m scared now, what if he does die?
A: when u have a dream of someone dieing it just means that person will be going through a big change. it does not mean they will die.

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