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What does it mean to conceive a baby

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Conceive is a verb which means to become pregnant. Can't text? 1-800-2ChaCha. Unlimited and free. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-conceive-a-baby ]
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DOes this means there is some thing wrong with my just conceived ...?
It doesnt matter how dark the line on the test is, if it shows up you are pregnant. Sometimes a light line just means that you have tested early on in the pregnancy and that your Hcg levels (pregnancy hormone) have not yet increased enoug...

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Define the meaning of "conceive"?
Q: if it is said that' a baby was conceived through May to August', what does is it mean? then what's the birth month range of the new bored baby? conceive means fertilize? or borning time? or some time between the pregrancy 10 months? which one is it?Moreover, Discovery News said that for those babies who were conceived between May to August whose IQ is significantly lower than others, ture?I was born in December, am I in the range?
A: Scientifically, human conception occurs when male sperm encounters a female egg and "fertilization" results in the birth of another human.Humans normally reproduce nine months after "fertilization"/ My oldest daughter was born on November 25, indicating she was "conceived" in the month of February--exact day? Science cannot confirm; but, I can pin-point the day to Valentine's day. My second daughter was born almost six years later, on the 28th of May, almost exactly nine months to the day that my husband and I had intercourse. How do I remember that particular day? We had been to a barbeque, drank excessively, left the party, gone home, and engaged in sexual intercourse. Conception can take place any month of the year. I don't understand your statement that "it is said that a baby was conceived through May to August.
What does baby making music mean?
Q: I know it's like ballads to get it on to, but... Is it specifically made/listened to to conceive a baby during, or is it just a figure of speech, like it's just to listen to when you want to get intimate in general, but not necessarily conceive a baby? I know I sound stupid, but I hear about it sometimes, and it makes me wonder what it is.Edit: Thanks for all the answers guys! I appreciate it.
A: Seductive music that gets you inthe mood..the type of music that helps a man seduce a women when they are alone to get some. probley a reason why i exists. you better stay away from if you are not tryin to have no babies they are one of a singles man best weaponsexamplesr kelly, honey lovej holiday bedusher nice and slow, seductionold school onemarvin gaye- sexual healin
If my mum was able to conceive me (a girl!) does that mean i will get the baby girl that i long for?
Q: I have a brother (older than me) my mum is so lucky to have one of each! i have a 3yr old son & really want a girl, for countless reasons, its something ive always wanted, literally always, is just a daughter of my own to my partner, we both really want this & im scared when i conceive#2 i will get another boy :s i will still love it but i know i will go through what they call Gender Disappointment, if i pray to God will he give me that little girl i long for? my friend has 3boys & she is pregnant now with#4 its a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! how lucky is that? i dont want to have to go through 3boys to get a girl, i just feel i wont be that lucky, i dont want to die without getting that girl i badly want :(( :s did anyone get a boy first then a girl with their 2nd? so lucky!
A: The sex of the baby is determined by the father, actually. All of your eggs have an x chromosome, and men are the ones who carry the other half...an x for girls and a y for boys...so xx for girls and xy for boys.Gender disappointment is what you make it.If you want to be disappointed about the gender of your baby (there are much much bigger issues to be disappointed with), then you probably will. If you want to love your child and appreciate him/her for what it is, you will. Pray that baby has ten fingers and ten toes. Leave the rest up to God. :D Good luck!

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