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What does it mean if your period is early

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Most of the time it means nothing. The chances of it meaning you are pregnant are slim but you may want to test just in case. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-your-period-is-early ]
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What does is mean if your period is early?
It just means you are growing up and your body is ready a little earlier. That doesn't means that there is something wrong with you and that doesn't mean you are a developing freak either. Just be happy the way you are.
What does starting your period early mean
Starting your period early means you didn't expect it to start until a latter date.
Does an Early Period mean pregnancy?
No...you just are having an early period. I know it "never" happens but with how many periods women have over their lifetime you are bound to have an irregular month or two, at least.

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What does it mean if you come on your period early with blood clotting?
Q: Recently my girlfriend came on her period early. Her periods usually happen on the beginning of each month. Recently we have been having unprotected sex and now she has come on her period earlier than usual, she came on earlier last month too but this month it's even earlier and she has experienced alot of clotting in her blood. She described it as if the blood just poured out of her onto her towel, and that she could actually feel it poor out. This happened twice in one day.What does this mean?
A: unfortunatley a womans body is always changing, you just dont ever know what is going to happen to it. I think this is her bodys way of cleaning her out. maybe you should get her checked to see if she has an underlying prob? cant hurt
What does it mean if your period is always early?
Q: It's consistently 1-3 days too early the last 4 months. Is that stress or exercise or diet or something else?It's weird...It was consistently 28 days except for one month each year when it would show up nearly a week late.
A: you just might have a shorter cycle than the average 28 days. they just say 28 days cause its the average among all women. it can vary between 25 to about 35 days each cycle.
what does it mean if your period is early?
Q: mine is normally on the 20th to the 24th but this one came on the 10th. i don't think this is the first time it's been early. and i just started this year if that helps.
A: I was always pretty regular when I was younger, but I think it's pretty normal to have irregular periods in the first year that you have them. I would do some internet research to be sure. Just google or use yahoo search for "starting your period" or "menstruation" and read some of the articles about it.

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