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What does it mean If a girl doesn't get her period for 2 months>

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One reason that a girl misses her period is that she may be pregnant. Please consult with a doctor to be sure. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-a-girl-doesn%27t-get-her-period-for-2-months%3E ]
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What does it mean when a girl dosent get her period for 2 months??
she could be pregnant or under lots of stress or if she has lost weight it could mess her up

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How late can a girl get her period?
Q: I'm 15 turning 16 in April and I've had my period since I was in 6th grade. I'm a virgin and haven't "messed around" with my boyfriend so I guess it's got nothing to do with pregnancy. I know that stress affects the time for periods but I haven't been that stressful. It's Spring Break now and I'm totally not stressing over anything but the fact that I didn't get my period. I mean my friend was so stressed that she didn't get hers until 3 months later. Right now I'm 18 days late. Am I going to be ok if my period continues to be late? If not then what am I to do? All this is stressing me out a little and the fact that my grandma had a heart attack a couple weeks ago doesn't help at all. For the past 2 1/2 months I've also had some extreme P.E. running and exercise that I've never done before. So that means that I've experienced stress and intense physical activity. Plus I've been sleeping later and waking up later.
A: The changes in your sleeping habits paired with stress, and the activity its perfectly normal for you to be late. you are also only 15, if you have grown at all lately that will throw off your period. When I was younger(in my teens) I was extremely irregular, between running, stress from school, irregular sleep schedules, growing. Right now you are fine. If you are worried talk to your parents, and go to a doctor. My irregularities in my period were straightened out with birth control from my doctor.I hope this helps!
Why does she say she likes me but doesn't want to go out?
Q: Why does she say she likes me more than she has ever liked anyone, but not want to go out?I told this girl I liked her like a month ago and she recently said she liked me and I told someone I was going to ask her out and she found out and we talked about it and she said, "i dont know i mean it was fun going to movies as friends and i've already had 2 boyfriends this year, and i don't really want to have to worry to much about what i look like and i would rather go out in a few weeks or months" and she asked what I wanted to do and I said I'd rather go out now but if she wants to do it later its okay. The truth is I REALLY want to go out with this girl I've liked her for the longest time and I can't wait that long with out messing something up or getting grounded so how can I kind of tell her I want to go out sooner rather than later with out like annoying her about it and turning her off?PS: were friends we talk a lot and stuff and go to movies as friends (she allows me to put my arm around her....I havn't tried putting the moves on her)PSS: I told her "my brother said" (which basically is just my way of seeing what she thinks about what I think, I just tell her my brother thinks this so she will give an honest answer) that it seemed like she was just kind of saying "oh yea ill go out with u just not now cause i dont want a boyfriend right now" so she could keep me liking her and not let me get bored with her and she got SUPER pissed and was like "wtf!! (cause at first she misunderstood me and thought that i said it now my brother)i can't believe you would even think that! you know i wouldn't do that to u!" then I explained it was my brother who thinks that and i don't think anything of the sort. PSSS: also, if it matters, she like sometimes says (if we have an option of what to do together) whatever i want to do shes not like ok were doing this period!thank you so much!!! best answer 10 points!!!PSSSS: also we do something together as like close friends together like 3-5 times a month (starting now cause before school was crazy we had all these essays and stuff so we couldnt) and were going to the country club soon so if that matters i posted
A: Wow. Kinda complicated. haha.Okay, here comes my thoughts. I think yea, probably coz she's had two boyfriends this year, so maybe she doesn't wanna be in a relationship so soon. You know? I mean some girls are like that. And one thing you guys gotta know is that you can't rush it you know. I don't know about this girl, but most girls I know totally hate it when guys rush it. Coz if you REALLY like her, you would wait for her. You gotta work for it you know. Just be patient and don't give up. Okay, the part where she said she likes you but she doesn't wanna go out with you, I think it's coz she's not sure yet. Probably. Maybe you could like give her more time to think. After all, she's had a rough year (two bfs in a year). Another reason is probably coz she wants to see how much you really want her. I mean, if you give up so soon, that obviously shows that you're not that interested in her. Just think about this, when you work hard for something that you really want, you'll appreciate it more. So yeah. Sorry it's kinda long. Hope this helps.Most important thing is.. just be yourself. Remember, don't push it alright?Be patient.. You can do it!Good luck!!! =)
First Period Questions ... Help Girls ?
Q: I had my first period on October 3rd and it lasted eight days and was really heavy. My mum provived me with pads and showed me what to do but never really told me what to expect. I'm the eldest girl in our family and I don't think my mum really knows what to say to me apart from congrats when i told her I started. So I've got a few questions to ask ... please answer seriously. I'm a little worried and confused.1. During my period there was these dark red blobs that nearly looked black on my pad what are they?2. I understand my period will be un-regular but for how long ?3. When can I expect my 2nd period? 4. When should I become concerned if my period doesn't come again. Say if my second period hasn't begun lets say by four months or something.5. Whats does all this mean about pms or something. I haven't a clue what it is.6. My period never hurt at all. No cramps no aches or pains. Nothing. Does that mean all my periods will be pain-free.7. When am I allowed to wear tampons?8. How long do your periods last for.9. Whats average length between periods is it 30 days ?Sorry theres so many questions. Please try to answer all.Thanks in advance (:
A: ok hopefully this will help but tihs is only from my own experiance1. those dark red patches are just dried blood2. everyone is differnt, mine became regular after over a year, however my friend took about 2 months to become regular3.again, everyone if differnt, you might start sooner than a month, you might start at the time that you are meant too, you might be awhile, ii didnt have my next period for 6 months!!! 4.dont be worried about how long it takes for your period (be happy if its 6 months liek me!!! u have 6months less or the whole period thing!! lol)5.pm is post menestrual, this basically means the part in your cycle jsut before you bleed6.my period never hurt either i was so lucky until i became sexually active, then i began to get cramps and stuff (however this doesnt measn its to do with being sexually active!! there could be other contributions for the fact it started hurtin!!) some poeple have good and bad months some poeple are always in pain, jsut enjoy not being in pain!!! you dotn know how long it will last7. you can wear tampons when you feel ready!! there in no age limit, i didnt feel comfortable to wear them until i was 16, however when you feel ready i would say its a good thing to do!! wearing tampons gives you so much more freedom, it might take a month or two to get use to them, but once you do u will feel a lot differnt!! talk to your mum about tampons, or search around on the web just type in 'using tampons for first time' or something on google, loads will come up (and make sure u follow insturctions if you so choose to use tampons)8. again everyone is different, my peroids last for 3 days but are really heavy, others can last for over a week9. and yes the average lenght it 30 days ( a month) however it does vary a few days here and there because of the 28 days and 31 days lala so dont panic if you due on the 25th and its the 26th!! lol it will ocme when its ready just estimate when it will be :)hope this helped :) and good luck!! down worry you will be fine!! if your still worried jsut look around online xxxxx

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