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What does fertile period mean

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Your fertile period is the time period you are most likely to get pregnant, which is 1-3 days before you ovulate. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-fertile-period-mean ]
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What does fertile period mean?
1. the time in the menstrual cycle when fertilization is most likely to be possible (7 days before to 7 days after ovulation)
What is "fertile" period ?
Your fertile period is the time during which having unprotected sex could make you pregnant. This is the period when ovulation ( release of a mature egg from the ovary) take place. Usually it is the middle of normally menstrual cycle + 2 ...
Does having a period mean that your fertile?
No, having a period is not a definate indicator of fertility. It is possible to get a period without releasing ova, not common but possible. When you are young and your period has just started it is quite common to experience irregularities...

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What does it mean when you are trying to conceive on your fertile days and you get all symptoms and u are not?
Q: Last month I had sex on my fertile days after the time of my period I didn't receive it and I had all symtoms like swollen breasts, fatigue,morning symtoms, I even loked bigger then I started to bleed so I thought it was spotting it turned out ot be my period did that mean I am close 2 reaching having a baby?
A: All of those are PMS symptoms too, minus the morning sickness. The morning sickness was probably your mind playing tricks on you. Sometimes when we want to be pregnant sooooo badly, we imagine the symptoms, even suffer from them. Tender breasts are from the increased progesterone in your body after ovulation - normal pms symptom. Fatigue - normal pms symptom. Bloating - normal pms symptom. That said, they all can be present in early pregnancy too. So try not to read much into those symptoms and relax. It can take up to and beyond a year for a normal healthy couple to conceive. There is only a 20-25% chance of conception in each cycle when you have intercourse on your fertile days.Good luck to you!
if you have a period whilst on depo does this mean you will be more fertile wen you have finished the shot?
Q: my depo runs out in august but i have just found i am having a period i have been on depo for 9months and have never had a period on it before what does this mean?
A: NOThere is no evidence that you will be more fertile.when you stop the depo. Your body will switch back on.There is no way of saying how long that will take.1 month or 1 year
We TTC last month only when my period came, but after the period I had blood thick CM what does it mean?
Q: My husband changed his mind about having a baby. We tried to conceive all of April not understanding when I was fertile so my period came but 6 days late! Then he decided he rather wait but after my period we did it 2 times (he, thinking it would not get me preggo) while I had this bloody thick egg white CM. Was I fertile and maybe get pregnant after all? What does that CM mean. (I am hoping it meant i was fertile of course!)
A: Egg white cervical mucus (EWCM) is often an indication that you'e ovulating. Generally, women ovulate 14 days, after the first day of their last AF. So, if you did the no pants dance at this time, you may have some luck! Baby dust to you.

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