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What does a positive pregnancy test look like

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Usually,after peeing on the stick, you'll see a plus or minus sign, a line, a color change, or the words pregnant or not pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-positive-pregnancy-test-look-like ]
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What does a positive pregnancy test look like?
I can definitely say I know what a positive pregnancy test look like. A positive pregnancy test can change to the color pink when it's positive, it can also have a plus sign on it. There are several pregnancy test and they all have differen...
Does this look like a positive pregnancy test?
I do see a faint line, although I don't think it is that accurate considering you said you saw the line an hour after you took the test. You should be able to see a line 3 minutes after you have taken it. The line that you are seeing is pro...
What does a positive ept pregnancy test look like?
You should consult the manual that comes with the EPT test. It should show and tell a good description of what a positive test looks like. Usually a positive test would have two lines. There are also forms of EPT that use + and - signs. Wit...

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What does your positive E.P.T pregnancy test look like?
Q: Do any of you ladies have a picture of what your positive preg test looks like? faint or dark line, as long as its a positive one. Because i took one today, and im really confused. i used the purple cap one and it says e.p.t on it with 2 windows that have the blue lines.. please ladies! let me see your positive tests!!! thank you soooo much!!no pictures???
A: I don't have a picture, but I can say that I took one and it was so faint that you really had to hold it up to light to see if there was a line. My husband said that it was negative, because he really couldn't see it. I took another and it was negative. I wanted to be sure so I went to the store and got Clear blue digital and they both said pregnant. You should get the digital one. Its easier to read.
What does a positive CVS pregnancy test look like? Does 1 line mean negative or positive?
A: 1 line is negative. that line is the "quality control" line, and it let's you know that the test is working. if you get 2 lines, then it is a positive test.
6 days late. Does this look like a positive pregnancy test?
Q: My periods were due on august 20th and they still havent comeI done two pregnancy tests and they both came up like this one..http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff139/casylvestre/HPT2001.jpg(Not MY test but looks similar to what mine came up like, But I think mine has the tinyiest bit more bluePositive or not?
A: It actually could be... if there is just a little tiny bit of hormone in your body. Wait about 3 days and take another one.

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