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What do I do? I got my sister pregnant

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You should visit a doctor or OB and consider terminating the pregnancy. 1-800-2ChaCha for unlimited usage! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do%3F-i-got-my-sister-pregnant ]
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What can I do to get my sister preagnent?
What your sister might be experiencing is a medical problem. Some women are incapable of having children. I had an English teacher who adopted a child with her husband, because she didn't ovulate enough to be able to form a child, no matter...
Can brothers get their sisters pregnant?
If they are having frequent unprotected sexual intercourse, yes 80% within one year. If they are having sexual intercourse and...
How do i tell my friend i got his sister pregnant??
Don't take that from her. She should be the one that tells him she is pregnant. I would be pissed if someone told me brother before I could. The fact that you are the father will be brought up when she tells him.

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what can i do to stop my 17yr old sister from bein an out of controll sl*t..?
Q: That sounds harsh but we have had enough...She is 17 yrs old.... She has slept with 10 guys. and a couple of them have had girlfriends ... even fiancee's..!! She doesn't think twice about jumpin into bed with them after a couple of days.. she even admitted that she did have sex with a guy on their first date..!! She even said she had been with a couple of girls.. not that im against that... but even so...!!I did ask her if she was using protection and she said no she doesn't like using condoms, she has also admitted that she wants a baby... so i dread to think how long it will be before she gets pregnant.She also likes to wear revealing clothes... with short tops ect, a lot of make-up... fake tan ect, she has tattoos (10 in total), piercings...!!She even goes out clubbing as she looks old enough to get in and she ends up coming home drunk, she admitted that she smokes weed accasionally.She doesn't live at home with me my brother and my mum anymore, she moves 3hrs away with her friend...!!Sooo... i have tried talkin to her she just finds it funny.. We have been through the mill with her cr@p..!! Any advice...??
A: She seems like a messed up kid. There isn't much you can do. Just set good examples before her and be sympathetic so she can trust you. If you criticize her she'll stay away from you and never listen to you.
How do I tell my girlfriend I got her sister pregnant?
Q: I don't know what to say.. honestly, has anyone been in this situation? I am already engaged and her sister is 17.
A: well dude dn't think that u love ur fiance as much as u think u do b/c u got her sister pregnantu really need to tell her the truth because the longer you hide it will hurt her more.Good Luck!!! you need it!
I got my wife sister pregnant in the Philippines and now she is extorting money from me should I go to Police?
Q: She said she will tell her sister that she is carrying my baby if I don't do what she says.
A: LOL. Make a TV show.

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