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What could cause a brown discharge

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Most of the time brown discharge is just old blood finally passing out of your system. If you are not pregnant you needn't worry. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-cause-a-brown-discharge ]
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What could be the cause of brown discharge?
A brown discharge is usually a blood discharge. If the bleeding is quite slight then it takes longer to reach the outside world and turns from red or black to brown in the process. Such bleeding can be caused by all kinds of things - most c...
Can a yeast infection cause brown vaginal discharge before your p...?
Yes it can cause a brown discharge. It is best though to make an appointment with your Gynecologist to be for sure!
What causes brown vaginal discharge?
A woman who is dealing with brown vaginal discharge may have an infection or disease. The cause could be due to a yeast infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

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What could be the cause of brown discharge? tmi?
Q: I had a mirena iud in place for 2 1/2 years, during that time I had no periods. It was removed September 9th. A few days later I had a very light period, only red blood (i was expecting brown because of what i'd heard about the first period after mirena).My had a regular period October 24-26, I did see a small amount of brown blood the last day. The first few days after it ended I had no spotting at all. Halloween night after walking around for two hours taking my boys trick or treating I started to spot brown discharge. The brown discharge hasn't stopped since then. On some days it's light but it's often really thick (glob like).I'm not cramping so I don't think its an infection. I did have unprotected sex with my husband the day after my period ended but before I got the mirena I always had long cycles and I think it'd be really unlikely I could have gotten pregnant that soon after my period. I don't have any kind of std either.What could be causing the discharge and does anyone know anything that can stop it?
A: probaly that brown stuff u get after a period dunno what its called though if ur reallt concerned you should go see ur doc
What could be causing my brown discharge?
Q: I am a 15 year old girl, never gotten my period or had sex. For the past 2 days I have had brown discharge in my underwear. Not tons, but enough to stain my underwear and show up when I wipe.This is so embarassing but it also smells really bad! I've googled possible causes for brown discharge but all have to do with pregnancy or recent surgeries.Please help, I'm a little worried!
A: You have to be evaluated by a doctor ... It may be that you have a fistula (connection) between your rectum and vagina if it smells bad and is brown. Please go see your doctor.
What could be causing her brown discharge other than a period?
Q: My sister felt sick yesterday and started getting not a lot but brown discharge, almost like a period color when it first starts. But shes pretty sure she just had her period about two weeks ago so shes a little worried and im not sure if she should be taken to the doctor or not. and she is not sexually active yet. please helpshes not young shes 18
A: Google it, and if you can not find any answers.. then I would suggest a doctors opinion. If she isn't sexually active, I'm assuming she is young, which could also mean irregular periods. Ever consider that?Good luck, oh and you can always try searching one of those sites that's all about health.

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