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What color is your urine if your pregnant

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The color of your urine has nothing to do with determining whether or not you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests determine pregnancy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-color-is-your-urine-if-your-pregnant ]
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What color is your urine when you are pregnant
The normal color of urine should be light yellow. It is the same during pregnancy. It is important to stay hydrated while pregnant
Does change in color of urine mean you are pregnant??
No ususally darker urine means you need to drink more water. The color of urine is not a sign of pregnancy.
Is it true that if you are pregnant your urine changes color??
urine color changes is not indicative of pregnancy,although your urine is more likely to be darker because you are more prone to be underhydrated during pregnancy,and the growing baby swipes all of your nutrients, and fluids Plus the wonder...

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What color do your urine suppose to be if you becomes pregnant?
Q: The day you have sex do your stomach suppose to be hurting after you have sex. And your urine suppose to be dark or light cause mine changed and my vigina is hurting after the fact. And white stuff is coming out when I use the bathroom.
A: the white stuff is just discharge....all women have that...and your urine stays the same color, the only thing that changes it is your diet...if you drink alot of water it will be lighter...if you drink sodas it will be darker....
what color your urine have to be when you are pregnant?
Q: well sometimes my urine changes colors,i agree with the fact(s) it could be a bladder or kidney problem.Since i'm irregular on my monthly,there's no sign if i'm gona get em.For the pass weeks i'm seeing this white stuff in my urine,sometimes it is thick and sometime it's thin,that it dissolves in my urine.On my left side of my abs,i feel sometimes like my tube is expanding, it does not feel like when you are having your period for instance like bloatings.I,m just wondering if its possible i could be pregnant,and if these are sign.There is no burning whatsoever.I just don't want to put my expectation there,after so long tryin to conceived.I passes this stuff even if i'm having or not having sex.
A: You could be pregnant but that's not a symptom of pregnancy. It sounds like you have a UTI or some kind of bladder infection. If you think you're pregnant, take a test. But that's 100% not a symptom of pregnancy. Pregnant urine is the same color as all other people's urine.
Protein in urine??
Q: I know this happens from time to time, I myself had it when I was pregnant with my daughter. My question is about a child though. Is there a health concern that I should be aware of if a child is constantly having pee that is so dark and foul? My niece uses a potty still and her parents never dump her potty after each use, so when others go into the bathroom they have to contend with the dreaded potty sitting there. I know that vitamins can cause a change in your urines color, and all the pediasure she drinks could be attributed to the color, but what could cause the smell. Thanks everyone for your help.
A: Protein in urine is a sign that kidneys do not function well!!! In pregnancy it may happen and be overlooked, but otherwise - it's BAD. Foul smell also indicates possible infections! The child needs to go to the doctor and the parents need the potty to be dumped on their heads to teach them to dump the potty after each use and rinse it. (Keep putting it on their heads untill they realize that a clean potty on the head is better than than a dirty one).

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