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What At what age can a woman not get pregnant

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A woman becomes able to be pregnant when she ovulates for the first time - about 14 days before her first menstrual period. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-at-what-age-can-a-woman-not-get-pregnant ]
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What age can a women not get pregnant
After menapause, which usually occurs in a woman's 50's. If she has her tubes tied, this prevents pregnancy at any age. ChaCha!

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Chances of getting Pregnant (naturally) at age 49?
Q: Hi folks! I have recently started a new relationship with a woman of 49. I am a male of 39. I have no medical problems but my partner went through breast cancer treatments (successfully!!) 5 years ago and is now fully fit, healthy and enjoying life.What percentage of women get pregnant naturally at age 49/50. We do NOT want any children (she has three already) and are wondering if we actually need ANY contraception Pill or devices at all? We realise late forties pregnancy can lead to various birth defects and Down Syndrome child, etc.Do you know any women who got pregnant 'naturally' at this age (without IVF, etc)?Obviously she doesnt want to take the Pill (with it's chemicals/side effects/etc) if she doesnt really have to.Any advice folks? Your help would be much appreciated.Thank you!
A: Has she had a cycle? Sometimes after cancer treatment, it can cause her to no longer have a menstral cycle. She should check with her doctor to have tests done. If she is still menstrating there is still a chance at pregnancy. If you don't want kids, either a vasectomy, and IUD, or condoms should help. Best of luck.
My 17 year old little brother got a 37 year old woman pregnant; how am I supposed to break this story?
Q: My little brother is a 17 year old freshman at Columbia University, and he'd been having a sexual liaison with a 37 year old woman that he met in a bar that he used a fake ID to gain entry. He confides everything in me, but I asked a similar question on Yahoo! Answers about a while ago on whether or not to confront my brother or his crazy friend with benefits and tell my parents, but everyone said he was practically an adult and that I should leave him alone.That's what I did. I scolded him initially but figured it was his life, so I left it at that. Now, he tells me that his 20-year-age-difference friend is pregnant. This is terrible for both of us. If my parents are very traditional, strict Koreans with strong Christian faith convictions, and if they get even a hint that he'd been engaging in such debauchery with a white woman who's 20 years older than him, I know they'll cut his tuition and kick him out of the house when he turns 18. I too may well be forced to drop because I was strictly ordered to keep a good watch on my brother.How can I break this story to my parents? They will likely kill us (not literally, of course, but you get the idea), but I think it's better to let them know now rather than have them find out months later. I'm so angry at this woman that got pregnant, who's always got that arrogant smirk on her face, but I don't know what to do. She said she'll get an abortion and she told my brother that she wanted to continue the relationship; I want to go strangle her. I can't believe I just stood by and watched her come up to his dorm and take him out for a wild night at her house before sending him back home. She's using him for his youth, and I don't care if the ******* age of consent in NY is 17; he's still a minor like it or not, and I think I need to do something before something really bad happens.
A: wow; im korean too and i know what korean parents are like, they get mad over small thingsbut this is too much; i think the 37 year old is stupid. she needs to grow up, having sex with a 17 year old is not right. and she can go to jail for having sex with a minori live in ny too and ny's legal age for anything is 18.
has any other pregnant woman felt lonely and unloved?
Q: i am 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I am a part-time college student, a wife, and needless to say I am a young woman. I didnt state my age bc i know off top someone will say that's probably the reason I feel this way, but in all actuality I am one of the most mature young girls one will find. I love my husband to death. When i lived at home he wanted to know my every footstep and would prefer I be with him in all free time. Now that we've gotten married he seems to have become so lazy...and to top it off I AM PREGNANT! I hate when ppl say oh you need to be resting but you cant get your lazy tail up to help me! Then not only that he's gotten to the point of we hardly spend too much time doing things the 2 days he does have off (and one randomly falling on a day I have to go to school until 8 pm). He'd rather spend his time playing that damn PS3, aggrevating me, sleeping, or doing something HE wants to do. For the past 3 wks he's spent his time off hanging with a friend he just picked up and brought home with us!, the next week when i got out of school he's riding around with one of his brothers and just 'decides' to come home bc i wouldve said something, and now he just got off around 11p tonight and as MANY times as i've wanted us to go up to the gym to workout he's just now going but with his friend from work and I'm just supposed to sit at home until he gets back. Every night he comes home he's on the phone with his damn brother or talking to someone about who was fighting who at work! I mean what the hell?! He used to be as close to perfect/realistic a man could be but just as the rest he just went down the drain. please help me. i cant do anything but cry and pray my baby come on so i can have someone to spend my time with!.
A: oh girl I know what you mean.I'm a young pregnant wife. My husbands job shut down so right now he's on unemployment looking for a job. All he does is play his xbox..It takes all my might just to get him out of the house or to go to bed..I do everything for him..But I put it on myslef I'm always asking if I can get him something. I love doing stuff for him just sometimes I wish he would offer to do stuff for me..not that he doesn't i would just like to see more of it. And Just to add to the problem my pregnant woman hormones go out of control and I just feel like I'm about to blow up. I always make it a priority to tell him how I'm feeling even when i don't want to..maybe you should try to talk to him. and let him know how your feeling.maybe he'll change a little and maybe he's just trying to give you space thinking thats what you want.

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