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What are the chances of getting pregnant if the man is sterile

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The chances of getting pregnant to a man who is sterile is no chance. Sterile means a guy is infertile "No lead in his pencil". [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-of-getting-pregnant-if-the-man-is-sterile ]
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What are the chances of getting pregnant if the man is sterile?
The chances of getting pregnant to a man who is sterile is no chance. Sterile means a guy is infertile "No lead in his pencil".

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Help from guys! after telling my ex b/f I am pregnant he told me that he is sterile and he had a vasectomy?
Q: I know he did not but only coming with this excuse so he can give me no choice but to get an abortion. I still wonder if he is telling the truth! he asked me if I have been with another man? I told no. I have herd that sometimes guys who had vasectomy there is still a chance they can have kids. The weird thing is he always wore a condom every time and always took it off before he finished than he pulled out. I used to tell him " do you want to get me pregnant and he used say no and put a condom on. He told me that he wants to one day have a happy baby. Why would he talk about having kids and use the condom most the time. He obviously was not worried about ST D's since he knew I was clean and did not use a condom sometimes. He is 26 years old and has been in the army and injured his legs. He told me since he has been in the army he has not been the same. He is not normal. He told me that was his input. should I believe him about what he said himself been sterile? Should I have some one call him and talk to him maybe he will come to his senses? when he told me I did not have a reaction because knowing how much of jerk he can be and the head games he plays it was not a surprise. my friend said that I made my self look like a liar by not having a reaction and that doctors dont usually do vasectomy's on people that young.
A: If you haven't been with anyone else then he probably was lying. He could have it done at that age but doctors don't normally do it on young guys, especially if they don't already have kids. I suppose there could be a chance he had one done and it didn't work, but the lying suggestion seems much more likely. You will have to get a DNA test. Also, an abortion is your choice, not base it on what he says.Harriet
Should I try to get pregnant?
Q: I am 19, and I have wanted a child for a very long time but of course wanted to wait until I was older, married, etc.However, when I was 17, I had a huge fertility issue. Basically I only have one ovary now, and I was given a 25% chance that within the next 5 years or so I will have to have my other ovary removed too-- which would mean, there goes my chance to ever have children.I don't just want a baby, I drool over them. I cry when I see babies or pregnant women. I watch videos online of baby stories, look at baby toys and clothes, hold my stomach imagining what it'd be like to be pregnant. I think it'd be the most empowering, amazing thing. My maternal insticts drive almost all of my thoughts and actions.I am in college, with no boyfriend. I'm also not one to just have sex with people, especially unprotected. But I can't shake this fear that my deep desire is my body telling me, "Do it now because you won't be able to later." If I wait until I graduate college, I'll be 21. That's four years after the removal of my first ovary. By then, I might be sterile. And who knows if I'll even have a man in my life who is willing to have children (if I still can).Sometimes I think about just... having sex with people in an attempt to get pregnant, but that would be irresponsible and cruel.What should I do?A couple responses: I'm not sure if egg freezing is an option-- this is going to make me sound irresponsible, but I lost my health insurance last year (I was on my mother's, but my age bumped me off and I was out-of-state at the time so we had a hard time figuring things out) and I haven't gotten on another, so I have no doctors to talk to at the moment (I know, I need to get health insurance soon.) Also, of course if this were my only option I would do it, but I'd like it to be as natural as possible, too.To the person who said I need to wait, they clearly didn't read my question. If I knew I had the rest of my life to have kids, I would wait.I've looked into sperm donor. You need a physician's approval for the majority of the banks, which I'm not sure I can get (at my age and stage in life). I found one where you didn't, but you had to be 21.Thank you for all the other responses. I appreciate it.I would love to be more financially stable, but it's difficult thinking that when I WILL be (in a few years or so), the chance might be gone.Yes, you're all right, I need to discuss my options with a doctor and see if egg freezing is an option as that appears to be the most viable. I wonder if that costs money?To the person telling me to spend time with a baby: believe me, I have. I nanny constantly. I don't think parenting is some fairy tale job. I've worked several different nanny jobs with plenty different ages. I've dealt with vomit, runny poop, tons of diapers, screaming, need for constant attention and care, etc. But because of that, I've also experienced the sweetness of a sleeping baby, the way they gurgle, the absolute beauty in a toddler learning to speak, or reaching up towards you with pure desire to be loved in his eyes... I don't know what it's like to be a mother yet, but I know what it's like to care for children. I'm not inexperienced, or disillusioned.Oh, I meant to mention:During the first surgery my mother mentioned the freezing eggs thing, however, the doctors were telling me my fertility was fine. I was later told the 25% chance thing but the doctor's played it down, like they weren't worried, so for the first year I didn't really worry either. However, my drive has gotten worse and I'm starting to feel some of the same symptoms when I had the cyst before, which is why I've been thinking about it so much. I'm worried it's happening again, on the ovary I have left, and my chances are going out the window... I suppose if it is happening again, I will just have to see if freezing is an option.Thank you all so much for your responses and support.
A: I think you should discuss this with your doctor and your parent/s or possibly a counsellor - talk to them about it because it's a difficult decision. Is egg freezing an option?If you think your chances to conceive in the future would be very low, and you really want a kid - then I say go for it - sperm donor probably the best idea if you can afford that. It would be best to wait until you've finished college but like I said it depends on your problem, also how much other support you have (savings etc.). Also think about the kid not just your own maternal instincts, remember it's a real person, won't always stay a baby.You're right for not wanting to have random casual sex though - wouldn't be fair on the kid and you would also risk an STD.Harriet

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