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What are some things that could go wrong after your first trimester of being pregnant

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After the 1st trimester of pregnancy a miscarriage can still occur. Placenta previa can also occur. Regular prenatal visits help. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-things-that-could-go-wrong-after-your-first-trimester-of-being-pregnant ]
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What are some things that could go wrong after your first trimest...?
After the 1st trimester of pregnancy a miscarriage can still occur. Placenta previa can also occur. Regular prenatal visits help.

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Help pregnant with Mom issues! Please read.?
Q: I'm going to start by saying that I have posted this in the Family section but I got no responses so I'm posting it here because I am pregnant and it has something to do with my being pregnant and my first pregnancy amongst other things. I feel like a lot of you fellow pregnant women and Mothers would understand more than anybody else. I would really appreciate no rude answers on "it's in the wrong section blah blah blah" If you have no interest in being any help then don't waste your time reading and writing a response and don't waste my time reading rude answers.Alright so here's the deal. My Mom was abusive and an alcoholic my whole life. I grew up being beaten because I didn't clean something as well as it could have been or over something so small and insignificant. I would go to school all the time with bruises and cuts. She was verbally abusive too. Always putting me down, calling me the nastiest names you could ever think of. I was planning on moving out when I was 18 but she ended up kicking me out about a week before my 18th birthday because she didn't approve of the guy Lance I was dating. I moved in with him because I had nowhere else to go. My Mother and I stopped speaking after that. Around the beginning of December my Mother and I started talking again which caused problem between Lance and I so we fought and broke up. I moved back in with her. Lance and I continued talking and on December 22nd we found out I was pregnant. I didn't tell my Mother because she'd freak out. I was going to wait until after the first trimester to make sure I didn't lose the baby. On Christmas Eve she ended up getting drunk at a friends house we were at and started threatening to kill my cat and ripped some of my hair out so I went back to her house got my cat and when back to Lances for fear of her actually hurting my cat or me! She ended up throwing all my stuff into the driveway at 3AM Christmas morning so we went and got it all and I was back at Lances. She had forgotten some of my stuff so I had to go back in the middle of January to get it or she was "going to burn it all" she ended up asking if I was pregnant and I told her. She offered me her house, $10,000 and a brand new car if I would abort the baby. Which I would never do! I left and didn't talk to her again until she came crawling back to me in April and said she'd be different. I believed her, took my job back working for her at her restaurant. I was over at her house for dinner the night before my gender sonogram and as expected she got drunk again and started saying if it was a boy she was "going to drown it in the pool and bury it in the backyard" I was PISSED so I left and didn't talk to her again. It ended up being a boy too. The guy Lance she didn't like that I was dating ended up proposing to me and we got married in May. Then a week before I was scheduled to be induced to have my baby she came crawling back again saying she wanted to be there for me and wanted to be in my Son's life. I accepted her again because I'm an idiot. We were doing just fine up until Christmas again. There was a really bad snowstorm coming and my Husband and I stayed at his Mothers house (who lives right about 2 minutes away from my Mom) so that we could even make to either of our parents house. The storm hit us really bad and it took us 4 1/2 hours to dig out of the snow and get to her place. We got there at 3PM and stayed until 8:30PM. We told her we wanted to leave so we could spend a little time with just Lance, our Son, and I since it was our first Christmas. She went crazy saying how my life is shitty, she would be sorry to be me, and that as soon as Lance and I get divorced she'll be there to have me all to herself again. I was determined to never talk to her again after what she said. In front of Lance too! A few days ago she called me saying that I was the mean one for waving Caden under their nose to get what I want then once I got it I just took him away from them. I have NEVER NEVER NEVER used my Son for anything except to get out of Jury Duty once, but who wouldn't do that =P Either way I was so hurt that she said that to me, then she said she was canceling my cell phone. I got texts from her last night saying that she knows I'm pregnant again(which I am and wasn't planning on telling her after the whole incidence last time. I feel that if she's not going to be happy for me she doesn't deserve to know) but she said that and that she'll always be there for me and my children, that she hates Lance and will never accept him or have anything to do with him and was begging for me to be friends with her and that she can be more help than harm. I'm at a loss of what to do. I feel like an abused dog and she expects me to keep coming back to her. I was raised to just get over it and that's what I've always done. Even though she did such horrible things to me when I was younger I still love my Mom and want her in my life. I just don't think my relationship cHahaha it cut me off... Anyways. I just don't think my relationship can handle anymore of her and I don't know if I can emotionally handle another attack from her. Plus my Son doesn't need to go over there and here bad things about his Father or see his Grandmother treat HIS Mother the way she has treated me, but I can't help but miss her. It's f-ed up I know but I can't help but still want my Mother.I'm sorry this is so long...I just don't know what to do and I know ultimately it's up to me but I just wanted a 3rd parties opinion on the situation. What you guys would personally do or if you had any advice...Thank you for taking the time to read my novel and if you have any questions, if something doesn't make sense, or if I left something out feel free to ask it in your question and I will be more than happy to reply and clear it up.Thank you. You all have been so nice and have been telling me what I already new but just needed to hear from someone who isn't involved in the situation. I do love my Husband very much and I don't want anything to happen to us. We currently are seeing a Marriage Counselor to help us cope with all of this because like I said it has had a huge strain on our relationship.For the woman who asked. I forgot to remember your name to put in on here, but you asked about Lances Mother and if I had any Grandmothers. I do not have any Grandparents at all. They have all passed away and as for Lance's Mom she and I do get along. There are a few things that bother me about her but as in any family that's normal. She has been wonderful. She's so optimistic and always wants the best results. She is trying her hardest to fill the hole I have from my own and to be the best Grandmother she can be.
A: Hi. Sweetie, I know this is hard for you- she is your mom, and it's only natural to want a relationship with her. You've been much more forgiving that most people would be in your situation.The truth is, this woman isn't really acting like your mother. She's been absolutely awful to you. It would be better for you to just sever the ties with her, I'm afraid, that continue to put yourself through all of this abuse. The odds are, that if she treated you this badly, she's going to do the same thing to your child, and I know you don't want that.She doesn't approve of your husband- well, it seems that's a fairly common thing- but the way she's handling it is going to cause serious trouble with you and your husband. If she wasn't afraid to tell Lance to his face that she can't wait 'til you guys get divorced, she's going to say it in front of your children, too, and no child needs to hear his daddy talked about like that, or what she might be saying about you, either.You've given her plenty of chances to change things. Yes, she has some issues, but she's made them herself. It's not your fault. She hasn't been there for you yet, hon. She's been mean and ill-tempered, she's made threats, and, honestly, I would be terrified for her to be around my children. If I was in your place, I'd make it clear to her. Call her up on the phone. Tell her you love her, she's your mom, but you love your husband. If she cannot be civil when you guys visit, then you won't be visiting any more. If she gets mad, that only reinforces your point.I'm so sorry that you're going through this. But it's not going to get better, and it's not going to change. If you visit her, don't stay several hours, and never spend the night. You can even let her know that she's terrible when she drinks, and if she'll be drinking, you won't be bringing the kids over.Good luck. Don't risk your marriage and your children, even your own happiness, on trying to make this work out with your mother. You have your own life, and your own family to take care of, and yes, they do come before your mom now.
Rude OB-GYN doctor, what should I do?
Q: I found out I was pregnant when I was about 3 months along, and considering it was unexpected, I got scared and wasn't sure on what to do right away, so I hesitated finding a doctor. I ended up finding a doctor 5 minutes around the corner from my house, which I thought was convenient, BUT, little did I know the problems about to come up....After registering with there office, It took another month and a half to even get my first appointment. I figured I would be fine. I finally got seen 5 months into my pregnancy. I didn't find this to be too big of a deal, because once I'm in, they could start making regular appointments from there. I had already had a sonogram in a different private clinic that had told me my due date was on april 11th. But on my first appointment, the doctor that I chose decided to insist that I was dues April 25th, which I explained to her was impossible considering that date wasn't consistent with my last menstrual and sonogram I had. She didn't want to listen and was very short with me. I ignored this minor annoyance and figured she'd be proven wrong when I go into labor. Plus she ordered a second sonogram, and that sonogram even said I was due April 12th (only one day difference from the date I gave her), and I'm assuming she couldn't suck up her pride and admit she was wrong because she STILL refuses to changed my due date on my medical records. This office takes about an hour and a half in the waiting room just to be seen for a five minute appointment, so I was quite aggravated already and just wanted to go home. So far just about every time I've gone to my appointments, she has told me "your getting too carried away with your weight" and has told me to go on some kind of diet (I refuse to go on a diet when I'm eating less then I should as it is for a pregnant female with my height). As if I'm not sensitive about my weight as it is, now I have to deal with my doctor pretty much telling me I'm fat. It's not like I'm gaining weight on purpose. I've even told her that like a hundred times. She always asks what I'm eating and she never believes me when I tell her. She'll always say "oh you must be eating way more then that". I'm in my last trimester at 31 weeks of pregnancy, and I gained 2 lb.'s in 2 weeks, and she told me that was too much. I know why I'm gaining weight so much, and I've told her this before. I was on an extreme diet that I stopped abruptly when I found out I was pregnant so it wouldn't hurt my baby, and I have insomnia that's gotten dramatically worst sense I've gotten pregnant. She seems to think those things don't effect my metabolism. Plus she keeps insisting that I have 11 weeks til my due date, when she has proof in front of her that I only have 9 weeks. I have two sonograms proving her wrong on that, and she refuses to admit it. I've asked her to help me with my sleep issue because I've only gotten 2-4 hours of sleep broken up every night for the past couple months, and she always tells me that not getting sleep never killed anybody. She refuses to help me with my insomnia, and won't even let me take Tylenol PM which doesn't help anyways because I have insomnia. She also keeps telling me that it's "irresponsible" of me to forget to take my prenatal vitamins. Once again I'm not doing it on purpose, and I might have an easier time remembering if I got better sleep. All these issues she has with me could easily be solved if she took care of my sleeping disorder, which I know that there are medications for insomnia I could take while pregnant because I've taking them before with my other pregnancies. I have a high risk pregnancy and I feel it's too late to find a new OB-GYN considering I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I could go into labor any day now. Plus I'm scared that if in the case I do go over due that she won't induce me at 42 weeks, and she'll wait until I'm 44 weeks pregnant because she refuses to suck up her pride and admit that she was wrong about my due date. And because she seems to be one of those doctors that refuse to give medication to pregnant women, I fear she'll give me a hard time about getting an epidural ( which I strongly believe in considering this is my 3rd baby and I know what labor feels like). I have no idea what to do, I feel offended and I really don't feel comfortable with this lady delivering my baby. Any advise would be great.
A: It's not too late to find a new doctor. Do a little research on doctors in your area that specialize in high risk pregnancies, if you can find other women who have seen a particular doctor and see what they say about them that would be great. Ask around and try to find women who have recently had babies and see where they went and if they liked the doctor.You're not stuck with that doctor by any means. Just make sure you research the new doc very well so that you won't have the same problem.

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