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What are some reasons for your period being late besides being pregnant

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Some of the reasons for your period being late are: Stress, Illness,Change in schedule,Change in Medications, Being Underweight. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-reasons-for-your-period-being-late-besides-being-pregnant ]
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What are different reasons that your period might be late besides...?
Stress, not eating enough, too much physical activity.

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Some possible reasons why my period is late?
Q: I'm nineteen years old. I don't usually keep much track of my periods but they usually come around mid to end of the month, last month I think it was the 20th. But I know I'm late, probably around a week, and I'm wondering why. I obviously considered pregnancy, but me and my boyfriend have never had unprotected sex, and we check the condom after every time we have intercourse to make sure it didn't break. I recently had a yeast infection, but I read that that won't affect your cycle. I have cramps but no bleeding, and loss of appetite (though that could be over stress that I could be pregnant). My breasts aren't tender and I haven't been throwing up, but I'm really freaking out. What are some possible reasons for a late period (besides pregnancy)?
A: Stress is a huge one. Another thing that has caused problems for me is too much exercise.If you aren't having any pregnancy symptoms I would wait a few weeks (less if you are freaked out, there's no point in doing that to yourself) then take a pregnancy test.If you aren't pregnant and you don't get your period for 3-4 months, see a doctor. She will do a blood test to check for thyroid problems. If that's ok, I would just go on the pill. It will help your body regulate your cycle.
birth control question?
Q: if i am on the birth control pill and my period didnt come on the time is was supposed to will it be late or come the next time im supposed to have it, i know its not still getting used to my body ive been taking it for almost 2 years, and i took 2 hpt's in the morning on different days so im almost posetive im not pregnant, and what are some other reasons i may not have my period besides being stressed out???cuz i wasnt untill i actually missed my periodim on loestrin 24 fe.... i have never missed a period on this pill before it always comes on the last thursday of the cycle and stops on the last saturdayalso, can the birth control pill mess up your hormones so you dont get an accurate urine test, i heard this from one of my friends, so im not really sure if im pg or not
A: This is fairly common your body has gotten use to the pill, you might be due for a change after two years it might be to strong for you now you might need to change to a pill with a different hormone strength so you still get a period every month.
Opinions please...*~ U think i could be or just overthinking?
Q: Okay.. Im 24 now.. when i got pregnant with my daughter i was 18.. She was conceived oct 17th or 18th.. reason i know is cause that was only day possible.. anyways.. my period after that was late...by few days. so i took a test it said no.. i then got my period a few days later... the next month i never recieved my period and i took a test and i was a month pregnant.. So now.. I had unprotected sex.. oct 17th-22nd with my boyfriend.. my period was 10 days late.. took a test and it said no.. finally i got my period on a friday.. by friday night it was really light and by sat night like in the middle of the night it was gone... and then i spotted two days after that but it was barely even a spot.. and that was it.. Now my question is do u think its possible that i could be pregnant again... I just think its odd that the same thing happened again.. and ive read many stories that say people take pregnancy tests and they come out negative because some women dont have enough of the hormone yet.. as sum do... Also yeah i got my period but it was like a day and a half long... and i know that u can have vaginal bleeding and still be pregnant and most women confuse it with their periods.. thats why they dont know that they are.~ which is what happened with my daughter i had what seemed to be like a normal period.. I dont have any other symptoms of being pregnant besides urinating alittle more and just being tired.. maybe a slight increase in my appetite.. but that happens now and then... but with my daughter i didnt have any syptoms until i was almost 3 months*~... so i guess im just looking for your opinion on the matter... I could just be making my self parnoid.. but it seems like everytime i say i dont feel good.. or just normal conversations everyones like are u pregnant*! lol so thats makin me nervous like why does everyone keep saying that*~! and i dont look like i am so... thats not why.. anyways any opinions would be great*~ thanks*~!!
A: It's really hard to say!! I mean you have a history of being pregnant and having it come up negative, from what I can tell. You are experiencing some symptoms but there are many other things that contribute to those symptoms other than pregnancy. If it is fesiable for you go see a doctor and get a blood test. That is the only way to know for sure. good luck

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