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Should i be worried if i'm pregnant

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Yes, you should be worried. Prenatal care costs about $1900, hospital delivery is $6000-$15000, and the bills are just beginning. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/should-i-be-worried-if-i%27m-pregnant ]
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Well, when his penis is hard the condom stays on a lot better. Were you laying there a while afterwards? Did his penis shrink back up again? The condom may not have been loose until then. Either way, anytime you have sex there is always...
I agree with Faraz, you probably are just experiencing hormonal imbalance. There are a few women who have become pregnant while on the pill, but i would say the best thing to do is go see your doctor or take a test. good luck
Sometimes early in pregnancy you can have symptoms that make you think you are going to get your period. Go ahead and buy another home pregnancy test. Do it first thing in the morning when you wake up (this is when your urine should be the ...

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What if I'm "not excited as I should be"?
Q: I'm almost 7 months pregnant. Usually when I see girls that are pregnant they are really excited for their baby and being a mom. I'm not excited about being a mom at all. This is really worrying me. Please help...
A: There is no right or wrong way to feel.Im 34 weeks pregnant and its only really in the last 2/3 weeks where the reality of it all has started to sink in.Yes, im excited but im also nervous, scared, worried, anxious and thats just the start.Babies dont come with manuals and all moms started out as first time moms once- they didnt know what to do either.I honestly wouldnt worry too much at this stage, you still have time to adjust and if your like me it probably wont seem real until your at home with your baby.Im sure you will fall in love with your baby once its here- maybe not straight away but you will end up forming a bond.I think its great your able to admit this as i think there are alot of women out there who feel the same but are too embarrassed to speak out.Just because your a women doesn't necessarily mean your maternal- but im sure you will do a greta job raising your child.Good luck with it all, enjoy your pregnancy while it lasts and dont be afraid to talk about it.
I'm worried I might be pregnant .. should I worry my boyfriend too?
Q: Ok, so i was due for my period on the 11 of this month. I had my period last month on the 11th but it was shorter than normal. And I haven't gotten my period yet this month which makes me like 5 days late. I'm worried because I'm usually never late. And I don't know whether/how I should tell my boyfriend. I know he won't flip out, leave, or get mad. I just don't want to worry him if it's not neccesary you know?? Is It too soon to take a pregnancy test or too soon to worry?? So many questions ... And I know half of you are gonna say just take the test but I don't wanna do it alone. I'd rather have him with me.. but that leads back to my original question. Someone help please .. Thanks a bunch. Serious help only please...I G0T MY PERI0D THIS M0RNING =) THANKS S0 MUCH F0R ALL Y0UR HELP GUYS.. I GUESS THE STRESS ADDED T0 THE PR0BLEM!!
A: okay...1st off.........try not to worry! I know that sounds difficult, but worrying CAN CAUSE you to be late. I believe they make pregnancy tests which can detect pregnancy as soon as 7 daysafter your expected period...but there may be ones available foryou to use NOW. Call your local PHARMACY ...they should be able to tell you which one has the earliest response time. GOODLUCK!
If I'm pregnant should I be worried about this?
Q: So this month I had no pms or cramps or bloating, my period was 2 days late and very light when i started, still is. today is day 3, and I wont bleed into a pad but when I pee or anything further then that I bleed, and when I wipe I get a very red fresh blood. I'm not having cramps or anything. My boobs are getting larger I swear by the week or every few days. I'm not sure if this is anything to be worried about?? I know bleeding can be normal and yes its light, but fresh and very red?
A: I would take a test first off. I am 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I did experience bleeding. A couple of 'wipes' it was red red but mostly brown. Some women have periods when pregnant. Sometimes bleeding can't be explained but still have a healthy baby.

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