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Is percocet safe to take during pregnancy

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Vicodin and percocet are both safe during pregnancy if you take the prescribed dosage for a pregnant woman. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-percocet-safe-to-take-during-pregnancy ]
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Are pain killers such as Lortab and Percocet safe to take during ...?
You certainly can get addicted to the painkillers if you take them on a regular basis. As for how quickly you would get addicted, it really is different for everyone. I was addicted to Lortabs myself and I honestly don't know exactly at wha...

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Percocet safe during pregnancy?
Q: THe other night i went to the hospital with severe pain. Im 35 weeks along and i found out i have to have my gull bladder removed after the baby is born. I have multiple gull stones they say.. My question is.. The doctor on call prescribed me percocet for the pain. Is this safe to take? it worries me because i know its stronger than tylenol. What are my options here? the pain gets so bad sometimes that i cant breathe. SO i have to take something.. but tylenol doesnt do anything for me. I only have a month or so to put up with this till the baby is here. I just dont want to do anything to endanger the baby..Thank you to everyone in advance!
A: Sometimes doc's weigh the pros and con's..if the pro's outweigh the con's then they will prescribe the narcotic..being 35 weeks along, I have every faith that your doc took everything into consideration before giving this to you. IMO I would only take it IF necessity warrants it...I dont see any immediate harm to the baby at 35 weeks!ETA ~ Percocet is by the way a Category C drug...http://www.pdrhealth.com/drugs/rx/rx-mono.aspx?contentFileName=Per1326.html&contentName=Percocet&contentId=429
Ultram use during pregnancy?
Q: My sister has a chronic condition which is accompanied by alot of pain. She had been taking Percocet and other painkillers, but now because she is pregnant, her Dr. has prescribed Ultram instead of the opioids. I did a little reasearch and found that they say it is not safe to use during pregnancy. Her Dr. reassured her that it is ok to take and that it is by far safer than taking the Percocet or the other meds she was on. I would like to know if anyone has used this drug while pregnant, and if any, did you or your child experience and bad effects by taking this drug while pregnant?Like I said, I have already done a bit of research on the drug itself. I am looking for answers from those who speak from personal experience or know someone who has. Thank you.
A: i was perscribed fioricet when i was pregnant and i took them. fioricet is much stronger than ultram. i don't know if ultram causes birth defects, but get a second opinion.
Percocet and 28 weeks pregnant?
Q: Hey everyone. So this sounded a little ... off to me, but I wanted to see what you all thought. I have a friend who ended up in the ER last night because of severe back pain and they gave her a prescription for Percocet. Everything I've been reading has said there haven't been extensive tests done to see if it's safe during pregnancy, but that there's a possibility off withdrawal symptoms in the baby since it's a narcotic. I doubt they'd give her anything if it would really hurt her or the baby, but does anyone have any experience with this drug and being pregnant? They've only told her to take it for a week until she sees her OBGYN. Is that long enough to cause lasting damage? Thanks in advanceShe's called her OB and they've just told her to wait until her appointment. They didn't say anything about taking it or not. They just it's up to "her discretion."
A: I wouldn't take it! I wouldn't even take tylenol when I was preggers with my little guy. Has she called her ob?What kind of answer is that?

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