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Is marijuana bad for pregnant women

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Yes, smoking during pregnancy deprives fetus of oxygen. Smoking any type of substance interferes with the fetus's blood supply. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-marijuana-bad-for-pregnant-women ]
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How bad is it for pregnant women to use marijuana??
"Several studies of women who smoked marijuana regularly during pregnancy show that they tend to give birth to lower weight babies. Mothers who smoke tobacco also give birth to lower weight babies, and the relative contributions of smo...
Why is pot bad?
Pot, or marijuana can be bad, as most anything can, if a person abuses it or does too much. Smoking pot can encourage some people to become lazy and unmotivated. It's also bad for the lungs if they smoke too much. Lack of exercise can be a ...
What are the effects of marijuana on pregnant women??
Any drug of abuse can affect a mother's health during pregnancy, and this is a time when she should take special care of herself. Drugs of abuse may interfere with proper nutrition and rest, which can affect good functioning of the immune s...

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is it bad for a woman to smoke marijuana while pregnant or after birth?
Q: ok so i know its bad on tobacco but would it be the same for marijuana? i dont know but i dont wanna hear like people hating or anything i just want an honest opinion.
A: They've found no evidence. Look in what to expect while expecting even. (A book). No evidence,that it hurts anything. Everyone I know that made the choice to do it,their kids are just fine and heatlhy.
Is salvia bad for the fetus of a pregnant mother?
Q: Ok so everyone with half a brain pretty much knows by now that marijuana is not bad for pregnant women, in resonable amounts. But what about salvia? i can't find a clear answer. PS: I am not pregnant, just curious.WOW. Wow. I wish more intelligent people would use yahoo answers. Half of you did not get the question [which is alright; not everyone knows what salvia is] but for those of you who think that marijuana is bad for pregnant women: I want you to do me a favor; look up Melanie Dreher and her studies. She is an unbiased scientific source, among many others. As long as she does not abuse it, the mother AND the fetus will be fine.IN ANY CASEIf anyone knows the effects of SALVIA (not "saliva") on pregnancy, please let me know.cancer, which, if you look well, smoking marijuana, and ONLY marijuana, has never killed anyone. Nor has anyone ever even gotten cancer due to marijuana smoking. The issue here (and I think this is where the majority of idiots get their facts screwed up) is that most people who smoke marijuana (not all) also smoke cigarettes. Therefore, the negative effects on pregnancy that are caused by smoking CIGARETTES, get attributed to MARIJUANA, when it is just plain GOOD for you. [As she said, it helps with nausea and cramping, and it also helps keep the mother stress free, which makes for a better pregnancy]  If you would have actually read what this page said, you would see my point. However, in your ignorance you did not read for understanding. Your mistake; I forgive you.*Side note: Burning plant matter DOES produce tar, so I would suggest to any pregnant mother, if you are reading this, use a vaporizer instead of smoking it; it is slightly healthier. You don’t get the tar.I am open minded, and since I have not had a child yet, and do what the absolute best for my child when I have one, I was interested in the links that you posted. I was very disappointed. You can't write words on a page, and not back up those words with scientific evidence, or at least REASONS why it is “bad”. This question isn’t even about marijuana, but I feel the need to enlighten you. Site 1: This isn’t even about mj, it is a site to find wedding dresses.2nd site: No sources whatsoever. There isn’t even a cause behind the lies that this idiot is spouting. It is also a cheaply made site; it is obvious that some retard made this him or herself.3rd site: Cigarettes. DUH. They are VERY harmful to a fetus. Common knowledge. There are various studies on how bad cigarettes are to a growing fetus, because of all the additives that companies put in them to get you addicted (nicotine, arsenic, methane, ammonia, cadmium, formaldehyde, butane).
A: Okay pretty much everyone who answered this question is an idiot. She said salvia not saliva. Also a doctor told me that marijuana is okay in moderation it helps with cramps and nausea.
is this bad for a pregnant woman?
Q: smoking marijuanamoresohow bad is it for a pregnant womanand why?doing a school research paper over cannibus
A: Yes. "First of all, smoking anything during pregnancy deprives the fetus of oxygen. Just as smoking tobacco is discouraged in pregnant women, so is smoking marijuana. Smoking any type of substance interferes with the fetus's blood supply. This can mean the fetus doesn't get enough oxygen, and s/he may be born smaller in both weight and length. Smaller babies have a higher risk of other problems after birth, such as infections, severe jaundice, difficulty feeding, breathing problems, low blood sugar, difficulty regulating temperature, bleeding into the brain, and problems with vision."

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