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Is it safe to eat salmon during pregnancy

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Studies suggest that salmon are among the purest of fish and seafood and single out salmon as a recommendation for pregnant women. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-safe-to-eat-salmon-during-pregnancy ]
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Is it safe to eat salmon during pregnancy?
YES. Make sure it is cooked thouroughly- no salmon sushi. I don't think your doctor gave you a dirty look about that, maybe you were just overanalyzing her. Salmon is awesome for babies it has DHA which is an essentail, healthy fatty acid t...
Is smoked salmon safe to eat during pregnancy?
In this country we do not recommend avoiding smoked salmon (or other cold meats) because the risk of listeria is very low, much lower than the risk from eating some types of cheese. However it is best to buy from a reputable supplier, for e...
What fish can I eat during pregnancy?
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is it safe to eat salmon during pregnancy?
Q: i'm 20 weeks pregnant, and the last month or month and a half i craved salmon like crazy so i got it at buffets when i went out to eat. but now i'm scared cuz i heard it was bad. what exactly is wrong or what happens if you had to much? she still moves around like crazy and i just had an ultrasound and she was healthy in weight and everything. but people around me are not very nice when i say i had some salmon. they were like "wow your dumb, why would you eat any fish when pregnant?" and it really makes me worried. so now here i am worried as heck and looking for answers. my doctor didn't say much and kind of gave me a dirty look when i told her i had eaten some. any advice for a freaked-out first-time mother-to-be???
A: you can eat salmon but you have to avoid fish that contain mercury.
Is it safe to eat this during pregnancy?
Q: My dad just bought a new charcoal grill. He plans to grill out a lot while I am visiting. Is it safe for me to eat food cooked on this grill? Also, can I eat salmon or is it too high in mercury?
A: Don't fill her head with lies, doctor's say small amounts of certain low-mercury fish is perfectly fine. I am looking at my Pregnancy Handbook from my doctor's office and it says:Shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tile fish= DO NOT EATFarmed salmon= No more than one (1) meal a monthAlbacore tuna ("white tuna")= No more than one (1) meal a weekShrimp, canned light tuna, canned or wild salmon or catfish= No more than two (2) meals a week.Make sure if you are broiling, baking, steaming or grilling you remove fat and skin and cook all the way through- you should not see pink inside the flesh.Check local advisories about local caught fish- if information is not available eat no more than one meal a week of local fish and do not eat any other fish that week.
Eating crabs safe during pregnancy?
Q: I am in my first trimester. I know that there are certain types of seafood that I shoudl not eat as a pregnant woman. I understand that Salmon and Tilapia are safe. However, I ate 6 whole crabs yesterday. I hope that I am not jeopardizing my baby in anyway. Is it safe to eat crabs?
A: Yes, you sure can have shellfish...cooked of course, but yes. :) See the link - scroll down to 'good sources for iron'.I wouldn't eat 6 crabs every day...but good, healthy food in moderation, such as crab, other types of recommended fish, lean meats, etc, are excellent.EDIT - That link given to you by another poster for americanpregnancy.org actually says you can eat crab...although she writes otherwise. :)

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