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Is it possible to be pregnant and still bleed

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Vaginal bleeding occurs in 20 to 30% of confirmed pregnancies during the first 20 weeks of gestation. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-possible-to-be-pregnant-and-still-bleed ]
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Is it possible to still bleed every month around the same time if...?
It is very unlikely that you would have a normal period and be pregnant. It is possible to have spotting and be pregnant. ChaCha!
Is it possible to bleed and still be pregnant?
Your best bet is to take a pregnancy test because you can bleed when your pregnant,,if i was you i would take one because you got a 50/50 chance.
Can you bleed when you are pregnant?
Some women will experience some bleeding during pregnancy. It would be something you would want to inform a doctor of right away so they can establish the cause and if there is any need for concern.

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is it possible to be pregnant and have vaginal bleeding at the same time?
Q: its possible that i conceived feb. 14 but i started experiencing some vaginal bleeding on the 21st could i still be pregnant?no i haven't taken a hpt yet i thought it was to soon...i want to make sure its accurate, when would be good to take one? also i've had some symptoms sore breast, back pain, slight nausea, tiredness, hungry all the time, also my boyfriend has been really sick lately..
A: In some cases, women can have a "mini period" during early pregnancy, and it's also possible to have bleeding due to an issue with a pregnancy. With my third, the placenta was low, and there was some spotting. Best bet, get to the doctor, and get checked out. If you are pregnant, and there is a problem, you need to know as soon as possible what's going on. Have you taken a home test yet?
Pregnancy question!! Is it possible to still bleed if you are pregnant?
Q: I am trying for a baby with my partner, and we had sex when i should have been most fertile. I was hopeful that i had fallen pregnant until my period came a week early. It seems to be more of a pink colour than red, but i have also been feeling nauseous in the mornings. Im sure im not pregnant, but is it possible to still have periods if you are?
A: If you have your period--either late or early--you are not pregnant. Take a HPT to be sure; but an early period could just mean you ovulated earlier than you thought; thus you did not have sex on your most fertile days and you are not pregnant. Same goes for a later period; ovulation is funny that way, doesn't happen exactly the same way every month. And nausea could be a menstrual symptom even if you've never experienced it before. Another myth: morning sickness doesn't happen in the mornings only. Like I said, take a test to be sure, but be prepared to have it come back negative. Good luck!
is it still possible to bleed while pregnant?
Q: i thought i was pregnant, i had a few signs:lower back ache, nauseous, the things i once ate everyday i now cant even smell.but i just recently started my period, well im bleeding. its very light and more a mix of brown and red. i read up on implantation bleeding and they say that its very light bleeding. and well im not bleeding super light but its not a normal flow either,. also this is my third day of bleeding. i did take a test 2 days before my period and it was negative. but i just feel different! i was wondering if its possible that i can be bleeding and still be pregnant? like i said, its not a lot, but its enough to keep a tampon in all day. and it has been constant for 2 going on 3 days now. I am wondering if i should even take another test.also i would like to add that the last two weeks i have puked about 3 times. once i puke i feel fine. but lately i have not puked in the morning.
A: I bled lightly (not enough to fill a pad) on Mon/Tues of the week then that Friday my pregnancy test was positive so it's possible but you sound like you are having a period. I'd wait a week and test again then.

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