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Is it ok to sun tan when you are pregnant

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Is it ok to tan after being sun burnt?
Let your skin heal first. After it has healed you will find it a little bit easier to tan, but like the other lady said, just a few minutes a day. Use sunscreen for sure next time you go out, in the mean time use something soothing to help ...
Is it ok to sun tan without sun screen?Or will that cause health ...?
Okay I just did this two days ago and im suffering with the worst sub burn ever My nose is swollen and so is my forhead so please use some type of sun screen . Im in alot of pain.
Is it ok to put fake tan on over fresh sun burn??
Well the fake tan will just come off when your sunburn starts to fade. Because it will just be attached to dead skin cells. Wait until the sunburn is gone, and exfoliate before applying the tanner each time.

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ok to sunbathe when you are pregnant?
Q: is it ok to have your belly in the sun? will it affect the baby? how can i get tan on my backside without lying on my stomach?
A: I was told sunbathing was not a problem while your pregnant. You just dont want to over do it, which goes for wether you are preggers or not.My girlfriend told me when my tummy gets too big she will just did a hole in the ground so I can tan on my back side!Too funny!Congrats to you!
i can lay in the sun while pregnant... right?
Q: i am 25 weeks pregnant..i used to tan indoors regularly but at 5 weeks when i found out, i stopped tanning. now that the weather has been nice i have been laying out in the sun.. i bring bottled waters with me and i never felt like i was "overheating" its been about 75 out and breezy. I got a little burnt since i havent been exposed to the sun in MONTHS but i find it really relaxing.. i only go for an hour and a half and i try to keep my belly cooled off w/ water and i sit upright with a pillow under my knees.. please let me know if you think this is ok.. i just love being tan but never would want to risk anything by being selfish!
A: Hun have you ever heard of MELANOMA??? IF so then you are very silly to risk getting cancer and dying before you see your baby grow up. IF you haven't heard of it, then ask your Doctor. Also you can cause your skin to go blotchy with dark patches and they take ages to go away (it happens in pregnancy because everything is working differently). I wouldn't do it, maybe go and get a massage to relax instead of tanning in the sun.
Can I use fake tan whilst pregnant?
Q: OK, this might be a silly question, but I'll ask it anyway lol. Seeing as the sun miraculously seems to be starting to peer out from beneath the clouds, it's getting near the time I will be bearing my legs in public - rather than dazzle everyone with their bluey winter whiteness, is it OK to use fake tan? I have some Johnsons fake tan that I want to use to make my legs lovely and sunkissed[!?] Also, I read somewhere that you shouldn't use nail varnish when pregnant - I want to do my toe nails, now that they have reappeared out of my socks and boots, is nail varnish OK to use as well?Thanks girls x
A: yes this will not affect the baby in any way im a lover of fake tan too and wore it almost everyday of the summer and i was between 4 - 6 months so yeah work away be beautiful x x

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