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Is it normal to not feel pregnant when you are

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Yes, especially if you are not that far a long. Some women do not feel the pregnancy until the second and third trimesters. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-normal-to-not-feel-pregnant-when-you-are ]
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Is it normal to not feel pregnant when you are
Yes, especially if you are not that far a long. Some women do not feel the pregnancy until the second and third trimesters.
Is it normal to not feel pregnant anymore?
Yes, this sounds normal. When you begin to enter your second trimester, about 12 weeks, you will have different horomones take over and that will leave you feeling a bit better. You will feel a bit crampy, as you have an expanding belly. Ho...
Is it normal to be pregnant but not feel pregnant??
with my 1st born i was 4 months pregnant before I even knew i was pregnant i thought ortha evra patch just messed up my period. Even when i dilated to 4 cm. I couldnt even tell . I didnt get sick, i didnt have pains, just gained 40 lbs. But...

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Is it normal not to feel pregnant when i'm 16 weeks already?
Q: When i had my 1st trimester i felt SO MISERABLE, but now i just feel normal actually, i feel great..a little bit fatigue, but that's it. It's my first baby and i'm 27. My husband and i went to hear the baby's heart beat two weeks ago and it sounded good. I just don't feel pregnant at all anymore. Is it normal? If don't feel pregnant, is my baby ok? Thank you! :)
A: Yes,you are fine.In the second trimester most women feel a lot better than they did in the first.So,enjoy it!I am at 13 weeks and everything is going great according to my doctors and some days I feel pregnant and other days I am full of energy and want to do all kinds of things lol.I am sure your baby is great :)
Is this normal to feel abdominal movement when pregnant?
Q: Is it normal to feel things happening down in your tummy? it kind of feels like im getting my period but im not. im 5 weeks pregnant at the moment. i just dont knwo if its normal... its not painful just uncomfortable at times... thank you in advance.thanks guys! its my first and my doctors appointment isnt for another few weeks. i just didnt want to stress that something bad is happening... but it seems that what im going through is normal.Thank you all once again.really appreciate it.
A: Absolutely normal. Slightly annoying at times, but normal. When I was pregnant with my son that happened. I actually didn't know I was pregnant at the time that it was going on so I, like you, thought it was my period...or gas bubbles. Turns out it was just everything coming together, rearranging, etc. When I got to about 7-8 months pregnant you could actually see a foot or elbow poke out and roll around. Scared my friends, entertained my husband. He would actually play music louder just to see him wiggle. If you're still not sure, always trust your motherly instincts and ask your doctor, you can never be too safe when it comes to your little ones. Good luck!
is it normal to feel some sharp sensations when you are pregnant?
Q: I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Sometimes I feel like a sharp sensation that lasts for 3 seconds and stops. This is not often but I can feel it maybe 3 times a week...
A: Yes, it's round ligament pain. Your uterus is stretching and making room. Good luck and congratulations!

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