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Is it normal to bleed while i am pregnant

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It's fairly normal for some women to spot during the 1st trimester. I would call your doctor to double-check. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-normal-to-bleed-while-i-am-pregnant ]
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Yes it is normal to have breakthrough bleeding during pregnancy. However, if it lasts for more than three days and is a steady flow, it is best to consult your health care professional to assure that you are not having a miscarriage. If you...
bleeding during pregnancy is never a good thing, but if you think you are pregnant again, I would call your OB's office and have a blood test done and if you aren't pregnant find out what is causing the bleeding.
I personally think with any type of bleeding you should consult your OB. Some bleeding could mean infections or possible miscarriage. It depends on the severity of the bleeding. Either way it's not worth guessing and taking a chance. It may...

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Is it normal to bleed while pregnant?
Q: I think i am pregnant i was going to get a test today, thing is i only spot this is not spotting, its not normal for me and i think i might be 5 weeks prego, help, i need to know.
A: In early pregnancy it's quite common to still get a bit of spotting when your period is due, however if your bleeding is heavier than usual then see your GP as you are at higher risk of having a miscarriage when your period is due (ie 4wks/8wks/12wks) which could be the cause of the excess blood.
is it normal to bleed while being pregnant?
Q: im 7 weeks pregnant and i have been bleeding since friday but its not a lot and there is no pain. Its dark like old blood. am i ok or should i worry
A: If there is a LOT of blood, this isnt normal at all and you should consult. Some women have spotting during the first couples weeks of the pregnancy, theres nothing to worry about. If this is tourmenting you, you should consult or call a doctor. A professional advice is always better, especially during pregnancy : being nervous wont help !
Is it normal to bleed while ur pregnant?
Q: I currently not sure if i'm pregnant or not but my boobs have been sore for close to a week now and i had a little bit of cramping so i thought i was getting my period but it never came i bleed/spot off and on all through the month. I'm a couple days late on my period, but i am irregular so i could be wrong. I thought i was getting my period this morning bc i got real wet and saw taht i bled through my underwear a little, but after i put a tampon it,then later that day changed it, i realized there was nothing on it but a little bit of old blood from the time that i put it in. What do you guys think? Have any idea whats going on?
A: if your due for your period and i does not come take a pregnancy test!....spotting is common in early pregnancy. DONT USE A TAMPON just incase.

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