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Is drinking worse than smoking marijuana while pregnant

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Smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol while you are pregnant are equally harmful to your unborn baby. I would not do either one. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-drinking-worse-than-smoking-marijuana-while-pregnant ]
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Is drinking worse than smoking marijuana while pregnant
Smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol while you are pregnant are equally harmful to your unborn baby. I would not do either one.

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Smoking Marijuana and being pregnant information?
Q: My cousin is a moron. After not seeing her for about 5 years we got together just the other day, she is currently 6 months pregnant with her 1st child at 20 ( she doesnt know who the father is, lets just say she is a great candidate for Maury.). In a conversation, she said she had been told that its okay to smoke weed while pregnant and that I would make her baby smarter ( amazingly stupid, isnt she? wow ). She told me she had been getting stoned just about everyday lately. Beleive me i ripped her i new one and informed my aunt of her stupidity.Im all for legalizing marijuana, since ive seen Alcohol do far worse damage, than weed. But i dont agree with any mother smoking or drinking anything while being pregnant. It is the most selfish and stupid thing you can do while carrying an innocent life.Anyone know of any great facts online about weed and pregnancy I could show her and get some knowledge myself about the effects of it to the baby.Thankscasapulla- i was not in no way shape or from comparing alcohol to marijuana. i was just sharing some personal information about what i had seen in my life from people who solely some weed vs. alcoholics i knew.
A: I am so glad that you let her have it. Believe me I would have done the same thing. I know there are some pretty severe consequences to smoking anything while pregnant, including autism (some people believe there is a link). A friend of mine smoked pot alot when she was younger and when she was in ther early 30's she had to have an MRI and they discovered that alot of areas in her brain where there was supposed to be tons of activity there was practically none! So, I am not so certain that weed is harmless like a lot of people want to believe. I wish the best for your cousins baby.....she should have it taken away from her, if she is going to be that irresponsible now, I don't even want to think about how she will be when the baby comes. That just disgusts me. You should fight for the baby or something. Good Luck!
I really, really need help. Should I go check myself in?
Q: I am 37 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend and I broke up shortly after I became pregnant because he is a lying sack of sh*t. I know I was a fool for conceiving before we got married, but I trusted this man, and I beleived he loved me truly and unconditionally. When I got pregnant he became a different person-drinking, smoking marijuana, lying incessantly.I have Borderline Personality Disorder. No, I am not crazy. Am I emotionally unstable? Certainly. Do I have a bad reaction to stress? Certainly. Does it mean I am a bad mother to my 3 and a half year old son? Not necessarily. I mean, yes, granted there are times when I need to walk away and breath and just recollect myself, but I am a good mother and my son loves me, as I love him. More than life itself, and that is an understatement.Me and my son have moved back in with my parents. Again, I KNOW. I know. I am an awful mother for not having a stable enviornment for my child. He loves his grandparents, and we are living comfortably as it is a big house, and we are more than welcome. My parents are so supportive. We are going to move out hopefully within the year. Anyways, I just found out that the father of this unborn child has a new girlfriend. The WHOLE pregnancy I have been so stressed, scared to death of not having full custody and giving this baby over to somebody whom I do not trust. I am in no way being selfish. If he was trustworthy and a good person, I would love for him to be able to take her out and bond. He is not, I have learned... Anyways. I have been so stressed about the whole situation and have spent many nights crying.I have broken down. I have thought about adoption, but cannot do it because I would not be able to live with myself, and my son would hate me. He is so excited for his little sister to come. He would never forgive me. I just can't believe that he is out screwing other women while I am home in agony, trying to raise my beautiful son and deal with the situation I have put myself in.ANYWAYS. If you are reading this, THANK YOU for sticking it out. I know, I have made a mess of my life.. must be hard to read. I am considering driving myself to the hospital and admitting myself into the psychiatric ward. I feel as if I am about to lose my marbles here. I am so scared. So sad. So ashamed. What have I gotten myself and my son into? I would be in the hospital right now if it weren't for my son. I need to stay here to take care of him, but, am I okay to? I don't know if I can stand living one more moment like this. I am suffering.Harry, even batshit crazies have the sense not to listen to a stupid anus face like yourself. Go take a lesson in humanity.To the others, thank you for your answers. They are really helping me right now. It's too late to call friends, so, I am really appreciating your honest words.Harry, if my ex boyfriend was like you, I would probably take you up on your advice to go play on a freeway. Luckily, he doesn't appear to be so bad when compared to the likes of you.r3c0ver- very interesting what you had to say. However, I have been in councelling since I was 15, and was misdiagnosed with severe depression for years, and being treated with anti depressants with no results. I am 100% BPD, I'm afraid. I am seeing two psychiatrists who don't have their heads up their arses, and that is what they have both concluded. They say it may be Bipolar Type II, but most likely it is BPD. Either way, it doesn't look so great. Thank you everyone (besides 3 of you) who have really helped me when I needed it. You are all great people to hold your judgment, and being truly empathetic.
A: don't listen to the true crazies on here that are in no way sympathetic to your situation and giving u crappy advice. it sounds like you are a pretty smart girl. i mean, don't beat up on yourself for making a mistake.. we all make mistakes. if all of our lives were to be displayed on a big screen for the world to see we'd all have many embarassing or shameful moments. usually forgiving ourselves is the hardest part of a healing process in our heart, but you need to work on doing so asap as you should be having a joyous pregnancy and not a shameful one. You're blessed enough to have your parents behind you.. a lot of girls wish they had that & don't. take a step back & instead of focusing on all the "wrongs" or "negatives" in your life, start focusing on the good and all the blessings. You have your parents alive and well, your little boy who's excited to be a big brother, a healthy pregnancy thus far, a roof over your head and im sure there's much much more! Who cares about this drug addicted loser that has no self control & lacks maturity! pff! consider it a favor granted. You just try and be the best person you can be for God, yourself and your children & that positive mentality will lead to fulfillment & success. Maybe get involved in your home church or find a local church that you can call home if you don't already have one. there is usually free help at church from counselors, pastoral guidance or psychiatrists that can maybe walk you through this difficult time. God bless!
Why do I get judged on my past sex life?
Q: Im talking about sexual times in High School.. Which include 5 different guys for me, until i met my husband in 2005.He had lost his virginity 17 days before we first saw each other. He left his then girlfriend (who he couldnt trust) for me. We didnt talk much about our ex's. We were in love. I was 16 he was 18. Nothing else mattered at the time. As soon as I got pregnant 4months(May) later. My mother(Divorced) told me to leave the house "you know what to do, get your stuff " She had already warn me that if I ended up pregnant I would have to leave the house at 16. While living with my boyfriend at his moms house, we got to know each other more. He read and saw past boyfriends letters, pictures, and a diary while I was at my fathers trailer visiting. When I returned, he questioned all of my friends and past boyfriends(10) and sex boyfriends(5). from 6th - 11th grade. Ever since I havent had a peaceful month or week. sometimes we are very happy and normal. Other times he explodes over this issues for no such reason and It creates bigger problems. He cant get over the fact that I would drink, party and smoke and do drugs(Marijuana / Roaches(pills) / 1 ecstacy at 16 and/or younger.this is what he gets mad of.1st Guy.. took off my Virginity at 13 going on 14.. after 8grade going to 9th(summer). Had sex with him a few times and a few times inside my house when my mom wasnt home..He later cheated on me. and He has family members 2 houses from were my mom lives now. Sometimes I cant visit my mom at times because he is there and starts looking to the direction of the house. My boyfriend hates that and wants to fight. Other times he said I cant talk to my neighbor friends(his family) when they come to visit my mom. (ex. not included)2nd guy.. I was 14, Gangster wannabe..who I told my husband he was my number 1 or number 2 as far as having sex all time.. we broke up and i later still continued to do it with him in his house.. 9th grade..3rd guy.. I was 15yrs old..Sporty guy.. only lasted a few months with him.. did it with him a few times..My dad had a picture of me and him at his trailer wall (picture I had given to him in the past) and my boyfriend saw it and was like WTF.4th Guy.. 15yrs old...he was a virgin.. I took his virginity and later broked up with him and made fun at him for his penis size in front of his friends..after he was calling me a b..tch. 5th guy.. 15 to 16yrs old..met him in ROTC .. was in the marines.. later found out he had 2kids but no longer with the mom.. i continued dating and doing him.. we would do it.. in the woods..close to a river.. in his car.. on my bed.. in his trailer at a hotel.. he was 3yrs older than me.. he was already graduated and had 1yr in USMC when i started going out with him in 2004.. lasted 10months. Why does my husband keep bringing it up. now that we have 2kids.. He cant believe i was like this from age 13-16. He puts me down, even if I am no longer like this. He knows all this info already. He read all my notes, and diary. He knows My whole sex life. and He hasnt been able to get over it. He tells me that he likes me but doesnt love me. because he cant. The Main thing is because he feels bad about me getting pleasure from him and his 4 1/2 inch penis. and compares himself to them and how they gave me more pleasure. Everytime that I dont want to give him sex( i only want to 3 times a wk) he says "its because of that right?"He doesnt like to Drink, smoke, or party. Has only been with me and his ex as far as sex.
A: maybe becuz you constantly mention the size of his dick...nothing is wrong with him. everything is wrong with you.b Ryce - "did anybody get screwed as much as this chick did in that trade?"^^that just made my day

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