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Im pregnant, how do i gain weight

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Eat more frequently, bring snacks with you, drink protein shakes, and add supplements (protein powders, power bars etc.) ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/im-pregnant%2C-how-do-i-gain-weight ]
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How can avoid to gain weight wile im pregnant?
limit yourself to fruit, veggies, cereal, and very very small, but frequent portions of everything else. drink water, take daily walks, and keep limiting the food. and you wont gain more weight than you need.
Is it possible for my husband to gain weight while im pregnant??
Definately! It's a documented, medical symptom called Couvade syndrome. In the book "The Expectant Father" they have a really good section on it. Pop by Barnes & Noble and read that chapter, it's a good read. There's a link to...
Is it ok that im not gaining much weight during my pregnancy. .??
Well since you seem to be eating healthy, then that 5-6 lbs maybe going to the baby rather than fat stores in your thighs and what not (lol). That is excellent that you are trying to be responsible and is eating healthy as well. As long as ...

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if im pregnant, weight gain.. ugh?
Q: I might be.. Not sure yet..I weigh about 123..how much do you gain in the pregnancy? roughly 20-30 lbs right??and then after most of it is water and comes off right?Thanks
A: Yes, a 20-30 lb weight gain is normal and healthy during pregnancy (if you only have 1 baby .. twins, etc. are more, of course). Some women gain even more.You'll lose about 6-10 lbs when you give birth, depending on how much your baby weighs. Depending on other factors, it normally takes 3-9 months to lose the rest of the weight. It does not just "come right off".
Im 18 weeks pregnant?? How much weight is to much weight to gain?
Q: In 18 weeks and I have gained 11 lbs..Is that okay or am I gaining to much??? This is my 3rd child..Im clueless this time around..I guess you really do forget alot with age.
A: My doctor said that 30-40 lbs for the whole pregnancy is normal. Everyone gains weight at different times, so dont worry too much about how much you have gained as long as your eating healthy and getting some exercise. Some people can gain allot at the begining and very little at the end of their pregnancy, it just depends on the person. I am 38 weeks and i have gained 40 lbs, most of it was early on. I sure feel like its allot, but everyone is different. Good luck with your pregnancy!
is it possible or impossible to get pregnant by sexual contact without protection?
Q: is it possible to get pregnant without having sex but by doing alot of strong sexual contact becuz when me an my boyfriend do alot of stronge sexual contact without protection but we never had sexual intercourse an i just took 2 pregnancy test an it says im pregnant im gaining weight im an i be having stomach aces im about to go to the docters in 4 more days an see ,an i never been with any body else....but is it possible to be or get pregnant by sexual contact....an if it is HOW?
A: It is possible if you're rubbing together naked and your boyfriend releases semen near your vagina. Sperm are able to swim in your fluids as well as his. If you are near ovulation and are producing eggwhite or watery fluids that the sperm are able to reach, than the sperm are able to swim up to yur cervix and find your eggs.

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