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If your pregnant does it show up in blood work

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Yes, the pregnancy hormone hCG will show up in blood tests if you are pregnant.That is usually how drs confirm a pregnancy.ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-pregnant-does-it-show-up-in-blood-work ]
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Will being pregnant show up in blood work?
only if they specifically tested for pregnancy, which they don't ordinarily do unless they have reason to believe you are pregnant.
How far along pregnant do you have to be for it to show up in blo...?
10 days after conception gives you an accurate results via blood test.
Does the pregnancy hormone show up when not being specifically te...?
In any blood test they will look for pregnancy so yes.

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How many weeks were you before your baby showed up on the ultrasound?
Q: Nervous about my doctors appointment on tuesday and i am 4 weeks 2 days pregnant.I was wondering if my baby would show up on my ultrasound when I go? && whats the earliest week in pregnancy it could show up? I know im going in early but i have severe anemia so i have to go get my blood work done in order to get my health on top for my baby.thanks in advance..&& any other advice would be appreciated
A: I am a mother to be and it is my first child when I went to the doctors office I was 6 weeks and got an ultra sound done due to ovary pain they only saw a sac but no proof of a baby. They gave me a week if the baby didnt show up they had to take the sac out I was very nervous I went back and they saw the baby at 6 weeks and 5 days. I am now 15 weeks and so excited so don't be nervous if they tell you the samething.GOOD LUCK and CONGRATULATIONS
How does it work??
Q: How does taking a blood test to see if ur pregnant work?? What's in your blood that shows up??
A: It is testing for human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG
Have any women's partners who 'disconnected' themselves during your pregnancy end up being good fathers?
Q: So, I am 4 months pregnant and my pregnancy was a little unexpected gift. I was told I may not have kids and was taking birth control....go figure!Anyways, I have been reading about the mental state of some men while their partner is pregnant. It seems that nearly all men go through these 3 stages to some extent, and even more so to men who's partners pregnancy was unplanned (Now, forgive me, there's actually some fancy psycology terms, but I have long lost the article, here are the lay mens terms....)1.) Denial-(This starts when the pregnancy is found out and goes to about the 12th week of pregnancy)The men are in denial of the pregnancy. Even though their partner is living differently, they do not start to show signs of coming into fatherhood.2.) Separation/Disconnecting-(This is said to go from around the 12th week to the 25th week of pregnancy)They come to terms that their partner is in fact having a baby, and they accept this, but it is hard. They get scared that they are losing their freedom. They find it hard to deal with the emotional/hormonal/bodily changes if their partner. They are confused and scared and ask themselves 'will I be a good father?" 'How will my life change?' 'Will I have any freedom again to do the things I love?' Some men even have affairs while their partner is pregnant, stay at work late to avoid their partner, go out alot, drink more than usual, sleep more than usual. 3.) Coming into fatherhood-Once they see the sonogram of the baby later in the pregnancy they start to think 'wow I am a dad!' The denial and separtion fades and they start to come to terms with the responsibilities of being a Dad.I talked to my own Dad about this, and he said he did the same thing my partner is doing now-going out WAY more than usual! He said he felt like it was 'his time to get things out of his system' before he lost his 'freedoms.'So reading this study makes me understand how my partner is feeling, but it is also very frustrating. Obviously he will never know what its like to already have to be responsible for a baby BEFORE it comes out-us women have to change EVERYTHING on the spot or risk losing our babies.A friend said to me 'A pregnant women becomes a mother instantly. Men take 9 months.'My partner is responsible and loving. He goes with me to all my Dr. visits even just to draw blood. He makes sure he calls requests all of those days off work & makes sure I am healthy & have the thi8ngs I need. It's just right now he even told me he wants to enjoy his life now with his friends and activities & go out because he knows once the baby arrives that will be all he is doing and caring about. I just feel like he is preparing the wrong way, & I have told him how I feel. He continues to go out. He has also said because the change in my hormones & how I am so emotional & more needy now turns him off and he finds it very annoying to be around me all time time. I try to change this about me, but it is hard because I feel I can not control it. Everything is changing inside me & its all part of the process!It seems like a lot of men do this same thing? I can't imagine he would just go out all the time once the baby arrives he is a very caring person! I just need some reassurance from other women who went through this. Is there hope for my partner? what about you guys? How have you men delt with this?
A: Let your man go and play. At least he understands how his life is going to change when the baby comes. Try not to stifle him. Just keep on doing what you've always done. I am a woman with hormones, but I also tell my daughter that hormones are no excuse for being crabby or whiny. Emotional is ok, but not clingy. I know that you want that security that he's on board with this baby, but a lot of men just can't relate to pregnancy. I have four kids and my husband never "got into" any of my pregnancies.A lot of men feel threatened or crowded with the prospect of a child coming. Give your man space and freedom. That will be the best way to keep him close. Don't put any demands on him or expect him to be excited about this baby. Don't nag him or try to get him to feel the baby move. Encourage him to continue his social life (obviously within reasonable limits) By the way, get married.

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